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LAB report summary

I. Background Information and Question
Generated by you or Instructor. In a paragraph, what do you already know about
your topic and what question(s) have you identified to explore in the lab?
II. Hypothesis
Predict specifically what you expect to happen in the experiment. State as an
if/then statement that is testable and clear. Do not state in first person.
III. Materials
List of materials used or “as noted in book” if list is long and instructor approves.
IV. Procedure
“As noted in book” when the procedure was done as printed and instructor
approves, otherwise include ALL steps numbered chronologically including what
measurements will be taken (what data are you collecting?)
V. Data, Results and Discussion
This section will include colored and labeled illustrations, data tables, and any
calculations. This section should include graphs or other visual representation of
your results. Summarize your findings in complete sentences that address the data
you collected and what you observed. Were there problems or unexpected results?
Was there something that you could do better/differently to improve the experiment
or give you clearer understanding?
VI. Conclusion
State whether your results supported/refuted your hypothesis. In complete
sentences, state what you can conclude about your topic. Do not restate your
hypothesis as it was written, but give general conclusions about the “bigger
Avoid first and second person
Use headings for report sections and label ALL graphs, tables, illustrations, etc.
Include properly formatted references if required by instructor
Realize that what you turn in represents you—work should be legible and beautiful!