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Teaching Mathematics with
Trade Books: A Beginning
Book List
Created by:
Tammy L. Jones
Mathematics, Education & Technology Consultant
TLJ Consulting Group, LLC
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Teaching Mathematics with Trade Books:
A Beginning List
Tammy L Jones
[email protected]
Eric Carle: http://www.eric-carle.com/home.html
Rooster’s Off to See the World
Primary Activity Packet for Rooster’s Off to See the World www.TLJConsultingGroup.com Math Market (K-2)
Greg Tang: http://www.gregtang.com/ (Also with Scholastic now)
Math Fables
Math For All Seasons
Jerry Pallotta: http://www.jerrypallotta.com/
The Hershey'sTM Milk Chocolate Weights and Measures
The Hershey's KissesTM Subtraction Book
The Hershey's KissesTM Addition Book
Twizzlers Percentages Book
Dr. Lynette Long: http://www.drlynettelong.com/
Domino Addition
Bruce Goldstone: http://brucegoldstone.com/
Great Estimations
Greater Estimations
Strategic Educational Tools (author-Mark Ramsey): http://www.strategicedtools.com/
The Good Neighbors’ Store an Award; A Cheesy Mouse Tale of Addition with Regrouping
The Good Neighbors’ Cheese Feast; A Cheesy Mouse Tale of Subtraction with Regrouping
Cindy Neuschwander: http://www.cneuschwander.com/index.htm
Patterns in Peru: An Adventure in Patterning
Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi
Mummy Math
Sir Cumference and the Isle of Immeter
Stuart J. Murphy: http://www.stuartjmurphy.com/
(From the Math Start Series)
Earth Day, Hooray!
(From the I See I Learn Series)
Left, Right, Emma!
Beep Beep, Vroom Vroom!
Jon Scieszka & Lane Smith: http://www.jsworldwide.com/
The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs by A. Wolf
The Math Curse
Ann Whitehead Nagda & Cindy Bickel (San Diego Zoo): http://www.annnagda.com/
Polar Bear Math
Tiger Math
Chimp Math
Suzanne Slade: http://www.suzanneslade.com/Welcome.html
What’s the Difference? An Endangered Animal Subtraction Story
Multiplication on the Fly
Pam Calvert: http://www.pamcalvert.com/
The Multiplying Menace Divides
Multiplying Menace: The Revenge of Rumpelstiltskin
David M. Schwartz: http://www.davidschwartz.com/
If You Made a Million
G is for Googol
Using Trade Books in the Classroom
© 2014 TLJ Consulting
Amy Axelrod: http://www.amyaxelrod.com/books_by_amy_axelrod.html
Pigs will be Pigs Fun with Math and Money
Pigs on a Blanket Fun with Math and Time
David Adler: http://www.davidaadler.com/
Mystery Math: A First Book of Algebra
Fractions, Decimals, and Percents
Loreen Leedy: http://www.loreenleedy.com/
Measuring Penny
Seeing Symmetry
Elinor J. Pinczes
A Remainder of One
One Hundred Hungry Ants
My Full Moon is Square
Inchworm and A Half
Theoni Pappas
Fractals Googols and other Mathematical Tales
Math Talk: Mathematical Ideas in Poems for Two Voices
NCTM: http://www.nctm.org/
The Pythagorean Proposition
Number Stories of Long Ago
Historical Topics for the Mathematics Classroom
A Very Improbable Story by Edward Einhorn
Anno's Mysterious Multiplying Jar by Masaichiro Anno and Mitsumasa Anno
Anno's Magic Seeds by Mitsumasa Anno
Blockhead: the Life of Fibonacci by Joseph D’Agnese
Calculus for Cats by Kenn Amdahi
Chickens on the Move by Pam Pollack and Meg Belviso
Count on Us: A Tennessee Number Book (America by the Numbers) by Michael Shoulders
Crimes and Mathdemeanors by Leith Hathout
Do You Wanna Bet?: Your Chance to Find out About Probability by Jean Cushman
Equal Shmequal by Virginia L. Kroll
Inch by Inch by Leo Lionni
Growing Patterns: Fibonacci Numbers in Nature by Sarah C. Campbell
Mathematicians Are People, Too: Stories from the Lives of Great Mathematicians by Dale Seymour Publications
Mathematickles! by Betsy Franco
One Grain of Rice by Demi
Pythagoras and the Ratios: A Math Adventure by Julie Ellis
Rabbits Rabbits Everywhere by Ann McCallum Secrets, Lies, and Algebra by Wendy Lichtman
The Canterbury Puzzles by H E Dudeney
The Fly on the Ceiling by Julie Glass (A Step into Reading Math Reader – Random House)
The Great Divide by Dayle Ann Dodds and Tracy Mitchell
The Great Number Rumble: A Story of Math in Surprising Places by Cora Lee & Gillian O’Reilly
The King’s Chessboard by David Birch
The Number Devil: A Mathematical Adventure by Hans Magnus Eczensberger
The Physics of Star Trek by Lawrence Krauss
The Physics of Christmas: From the Aerodynamics of Reindeer to the Thermodynamics of Turkey by Roger
Two of Everything by Lily Toy Hong and Lily Toy Tong
Vincent & Viola by Sherry Colarusso
Why Pi? By Johnny Ball
Wild Fibonacci by Joy N. Hulme
Using Trade Books in the Classroom
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Teaching Mathematics with Trade Books: A Beginning Trade
Book List
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Strategies for Common Core Mathematics is currently available, these practical
books provides an explanation of each of the eight mathematical practices and
gives elementary school educators specific instructional strategies that align
with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. K-5, 6-8, 9-12
Due out Spring 2016, Strategic Journeys for
Building Logical Reasoning will be the follow
up books series for Tammy L. Jones and her
co-author, Leslie A. Texas. Check our website
for updates.
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