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My life after her

Johana Stone
Kate Bledsoe
November 7, 2017
My life after her
Is it possible that having a pet can change your life? The answer is yes. For
many years my daughter Ana Paula was begging to have a dog. I have never wanted
to have one because I thought it would be too much work and responsibility. Yet,
when I took the decision to get one, this dog changed my life. Her name is Tuty. I
really like the new version of me because now I’m animal lover and I’m a better
human being.
When I met Tuty the first time, something extraordinary happened to me.
Instantly I felt an enormous love for her and this feeling was reciprocal. It is really
amazing how Tuty has giving me so much love and care. In fact, now I’m part active
to an organization that protect animals, which is Peta Latino. This non-profit
organization has been working around the world to protect animals and also has
been working hard fighting for animal rights. In addition, Peta Latino constantly
advocate what companies are cruelty free. In this way costumers can buy products
that have not been tested on animals. Also, I’m following a few animal rescue
organizations in Ecuador such as Rescate Animal and Cola. Those non-profit
organizations work really hard rescuing animals and also help them with medical
attention respectively if they need it. As of today, people in Ecuador still need to be
better educated in how to take care and treat animals. Therefore, I want to be a
contribution of this education program. For example, when an animal is in need and
I see the case in social media, I take actions that can help, this can be from a simple
action such as helping advocate animal rescue cases or by making a small economic
contribution to these organizations.
My life has had a positive impact. I’m a better human being every time that I
feel empathy with animals that I had never felt before. In my regular life, I have been
trying to not contribute with animal cruelty. So far, I have been buying cosmetics
that haven’t been tested in animals. Also, I have stopped eating some meats such as
pork and beef. My goal in a near future is to be a vegetarian. Gradually I’m trying to
change my diet without affecting my heath. Another motivation that I have is my
daughter, she also is felling affected by eating animal meats. She constantly is
talking about how bad she feels when she eats animal meats. There are so much
cruelty involved in the meat industry and we don’t want to be part part of this
anymore. In all honesty, to change my diet is probably the most difficult step in this
process. but is worth it. Animals are worth it, every life counts. They can feel love,
pain and fear.
Tuty with her love has taught me how to love her. She also, has taught me
how to love all type of animals. Therefore, this make me feel that I’m a better person
because I’m making better decision by thinking about animal welfare.