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Thank you for completing our surveys, as a reward for your efforts here is your guide on how you can get your chosen Google Play Redeem codes amount without paying a dime. In this quick tutorial, you can possibly earn $10, $15 or $25 Google play gift card denominations from known and reliable reward sites.
Steps to earn Google Play Gift Card Codes
Step 1. Visit https://www.instagc.com and sign up for an account. You can conveniently use your Facebook, Twitter or Google account to signup.
Step 2: Click on the "Earn" link and choose from the displayed Advertising network.
Step 3: This can be the hardest part of all the steps but it's worth the effort. Select and click on available offers and complete given tasks, each offer has its corresponding points value. Step 4: Repeat 3rd step, the more offers and tasks you complete the more points you can earn. Once you have enough points head over to Google Play gift card page https://www.instagc.com/giftcards/google-play and select desired gift card amount. For $10 Google play gift card you need 1,000 points, for $15 you need 1,500 points and for $25 you need 2,500 points.
Step 5: Click on the green redeem button to claim the gift card. InstaGC will send you an email regarding your gift card redemption, once confirmed and processed they will then send you the gift card code to your registered email address.
To know more about InstaGC visit "Redeem points for gift cards" page using this link https://www.instagc.com/support/article/gift-cards.
For more guides watch the following Youtube videos
Additional Information: You can also use Swagbucks or Points2shop as an alternative to InstaGC, the same process need and no need to confuse with the services they offer.
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