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Biol 1406 Final Test

Biol 1406 Final (comprehensive Practice Test)
The chromosomes detach from one another and become visibly separated during
A karyotype
is a visual display of chromosomes arranged according to size
Mendel's principle of independent assortment states that
each hereditary unit is inherited separately from other hereditary units
Which of the following are made of two subunits and are composed of RNA and protein?
a) golgi
b) mitochondria
c) chloroplasts
d) ribosomes
e) endoplasmic reticula
The spindle apparatus
Radioactive isotopes have:
excess neutrons.
The nucleus of an atom contains
nucleus and protons.
Adenine and guanine are
double-ring PURINES
nucleotides contain what kind of sugars
the chromosomes and genes are actually replicated during
Atomic number (Z) refers to...
the number of protons in the nucleus
he place Darwin visited on his trip around the world that had the greatest impact on his thinking
the Galápagos Islands.
the relationship between strands of RNA and DNA is
The chromosomal DNA is duplicated in ________________ of meiosis.
a. prophase I
b. metaphase I
c. Interphase
d. prophase II
e. anaphase II
The portion of the DNA molecule that is translated is composed of
Red-green colorblindness is an X-linked recessive trait in humans. A colorblind woman and a
man with normal vision have a son. What is the probability that the son is colorblind?
Which of the smallest unit of the life that can exist as a separate entity?
a cell
The chromosomes are aligned at the spindle equator during
a. Anaphase
b. Interphase
c. Metaphase
d. Prophase
e. Telophase
Sexual reproduction results
in new combinations of genetic traits
The appropriate adjective to describe DNA replication is
What kind of bond exists between two amino acids in a protein
A person with Klinefelter syndrome is ____ and has _____ sex chromosomes.
a. male, XYY
b. male, XXY
c. female, XXY
d. female, XO
b. male, XXY
Glycogen is a polysaccharide used for energy storage by
Chromosomes other than those involved in sex determination are known as
What are the primary cellular sites for the recapture of energy from carbs?
How many nanometers to a meter?
1,000,000,000 nm
Plasma membrane are characterized by the presence of
Which of the following would be the least satisfactory organism for genetic research?
In mitosis, if a parent cell has 16 chromosomes, each daughter cell will have how many
Fructose and glucose are
BOTH monosaccharides and six-carbon sugars
In the early 1800s, creationist thinking would have included all of the following EXCEPT
Species become modified over time.
Magnesium has 12 protons. How many electrons are in its third energy level?
(2 in first, 8 in second, 2 in third)
Which of the following descriptions of Mendel is incorrect?
he was simply lucky to work out the laws of genetics
The number of chromosomes found in a eukaryotic cell:
Is doubled by fertilization and cut in half by meiosis.
what are the infoldings on the inner membranes of mitochondria called
When a gene transcription occurs, which of the following is produced?
messenger RNA (mRNA)
Cells two sets of genetic information are described by the term
The theory of segregation
explains the behavior of a pair of alleles during meiosis
Which is NOT true of human chromosomes?
a. the haploid number is 23.
b. the diploid number is 46.
c. there are 23 pairs of chromosomes
d. human gametes end up with two of each type of 23 chromosomes
e. human gametes end up one of each type of 23 chromosomes
b. the diploid number is 46
(its 23 just like the haploid number)
Proteins associated with DNA in eukaryotes are
Amino acids are the building blocks for
protiens (primary structure is the sequence of amino acids)
The positive subatomic particle is the...
Various forms of a gene at a given locus are called
In cocker spaniels, black coat color (B) is dominant over red (b), and solid color (S) is dominant
over spotted (s). A cross of Bb Ss with bb ss would produce the phenotype ratio
In Mendel's time, most people believed that
the characteristics of parents were blended in the offspring
The portion of the DNA molecule that is NOT translated and is a noncoding portion of DNA is
composed of
Uracil will pair with
The synthesis of an RNA molecule from a DNA template strand is called
a. replication
b. translation
c. transcription
d. DNA synthesis
e. metabolism
Stroma and grand are portions of
chloroplasts (has it's own DNA)
Plants store their excess carbohydrates in the form of
a. starch
b. glycogen
c. glucose
d. cellulose.
e. fats
which organelles contain DNA?
Both nuceli and mitochondria
A locus is
the location of an allele on a chromosome
An organelle found in the nucleus is a
Transfer RNA differs from other types of RNA because it
carries an amino acid at one end
Rosalind Franklin used which technique to determine many of the
physical characteristics of DNA?
x-ray diffraction
Which of the smallest portion of a substance that retains the properties of an element?
Nucleotides are the building blocks for
ATP, NAD+, and FAD
What cell organelle is found in plant cells but NOT animal cells?
Cell wall
What is formed when an atom gains or loses an electron?
The negative subatomic particle is the:
Genes are
a. located on chromosome
b. inherited in the same way as chromosomes
c. arranged in linear sequence on chromosomes
d. assorted independently during meiosis.
e. all of these
E all of these
DNA contains
contains proteins-building instructions
The essence of meiosis is that
each gamete recieves one member of each pair of homologous chromosomes and the gametes
formed are haploid
Glucose dissolves in water because it
is polar and forms many hydrogen bonds with the water molecules
Which of the following designates a normal human female?
a. XXY
b. XY
c. XX
d. XYY
e. XO
Individuals with the genotype Gg Hh Ii Jj will produce how many different kinds of gametes?
The principal point of the Darwin theory of evolution by natural selection was that...
Survival of characteristics in a population depends on competition between organisms,
especially between members of the same species.
In the bonding of nitrogenous bases
guanine is paired with cytosine
The sequence of amino acids is the ____ structure of proteins
These are sometimes referred to as rough or smooth, depending on the structure.
endoplasmic reticula
Mendel found that pea plants expressing a recessive trait...
were pure-breeding homozygotes
A pH of 10 is how many times as basic as a pH of 7
If a parent cell has 16 chromosomes and undergoes meiosis, the resulting cells will have how
many chromosomes.
8 chromosomes
According to Darwin, natural selection is based on the _______ found in populations
According to Mendel, what kind of genes "disappear" in F1 pea plants.
The significance of the experiments in which 32P and 35S were used is that
it demonstrated that radioactively labeled bacteriophages transfer their DNA but not
their protein coats to their host bacteria.
Which does NOT occur in prophase I of meiosis?
a. cytokenesis
b. formation of groups of 4 chromatids
c. homologue pairing
d. crossing over
e. condensation of chromatin
a. cytokenesis
One portion of the cell theory states that:
All living things are made up of one or more cells.
Chromatids that are attached at the centromere are called what kind of chromatids?
Which includes the other four?
a. atoms
b. molecules
c. electrons
d. elements
e. protons
Which premise used by Darwin in his theory is incorrectly stated?
Organisms that posses advantageous traits have a decreased chance of producing offspring.
Premises used by Darwin's theory
-some traits become more common because their bearers contribute more offspring to the
next generation
-some varieties have a better chance to survive and reproduce
-members of population show heritable variation
-more offspring are produced than can survive to reproduce
What are the key premises of Darwin's theory of Natural Selection?
Overproduction of offspring,
variation in traits that benefit of hurt offspring,
heritability of traits
Carbons usually form how many bonds with other atoms
Thomas Malthus Proposed that:
The population multiplied faster than the food supply
DNA acts as a template for the synthesis of RNA.
In transcription
a special sequence called a promoter is necessary for transcription to begin.
The person credited with being the codiscoverer of the theory of natural selection was
Alfred Wallace
A nucleotide may contain a
purine, pentose, phosphate group and pyrimidnies
Histone-DNA units are called
The genetic code is made up of units consisting of how many nucleotides?
In a lipid bilayer,___________ tails point inward and form a region that excludes water.
The breakdown of large molecules by the enzymatic addition of water is an example of what
kind of reaction?
Griffith's Experiment-Streptococcus Pneumoniae
In his experiment in 1928, Griffith showed that genes from dead bacteria can be transferred to
live bacteria.
The significance of Fred Griffith's experiment in which he used two strains of Steptococcus
pneumoniae is that
it established that pure DNA extracted from disease-causing bacteria transformed harmless
strains into killer strains
Meiosis typically results in the production of
4 haploid cells
Organelles composed of a system of canals, tubes, and sacs that transport molecules inside the
cytoplasm are
a. Golgi bodies.
b. ribosomes.
c. mitochondria.
d. lysosomes.
e. endoplasmic reticula.
e. endoplasmic reticula.
Down syndrome involves trisomy
How do hydrophobic molecules react with water
repelled by
Which is a "building block" of carbohydrates?
either simple sugars or monosaccharides
Which of the following is a building block of carbohydrates?
Amino acids
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