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MageAnts Migration Services Provider

MageAnts - Your Magento 2 Migration Service Provider
Being into the industry for 7+ years, MageAnts offer end-to-end Magento 2
migration services to safely and securely migrate your e-commerce store to the
powerful Magento platform. Our custom migration services will help you to achieve
new heights with a more advanced platform and its rich features.
Magento 2 Migration process is not simple and involves various important aspects
like security to store crucial data, downtime, and ease of accessibility.
Additionally, it requires a lot of time and resources. But we are happy to inform
that our Magento 2 Migration Service will make this process smooth as possible
without any issue in your current platform.
Reasons to upgrade to Magento 2:
Below are some of the benefits of the Magento 2 upgrades. We would like you to
look at some of these benefits and start thinking to use the advanced technologies
along with a proper back up to seamlessly migrate your store to the highly
customizable and scalable Magento platform.
 High security with improved website performance.
 Attractive UI Layout with responsive images and default theme structures.
 Supports one step checkout process
 Responsive, revamped and easy Admin panel with customized features.
 Highly Scalable and provides great flexibility through device & platform
 Magento 2 migration extensions with advanced features like faster load
time, lesser infrastructure costs, etc.
 Optimized codes of high quality.
 Faster and easy installation with built-in support.
Below are some of the pointers that we take into consideration during Magento
1 to Magento 2 Migration:
 Data migration: Crucial part of the migration process from Magento 1 to
Magento 2 is migrating data safely and securely for which MageAnts help to
move store configurations, SEO setup, your customers and products, sales
data and website content.
 Design migration: You have to select a new store theme for your e-store as
Magento 1 themes are not compatible with Magento 2. MageAnts help you
build a new one from scratch and also helps in customize an existing theme
to support Magento 2.
 Extensions: Along with the themes, there are a lot of extensions of Magento
1 that are not supported in Magento 2 as yet. In such situations, we will
customize the extensions or support your website we can also create some.
 Customizations: To support the advanced features of Magento 2, our team
may have to customize some functionalities in your website if they are not
compatible with Magento 2 for which team may need to perform some recoding so that your new website supports the features.
 SEO setup: If you are using any third party SEO extensions for your website,
then there may be chances of some issues and also a risk of losing important
SEO data like metadata templates, mark up tags, redirects, custom URL
formats, etc. We help to resolve this and ensure that everything works
perfectly on your Magento 2 store.
Website testing: On completion of the migration process, the team will test
the site from every aspect of your Magento 2 web store and ensures that
there are no bugs or errors on the new store. Our proficiency in software
testing helps to make the migration process hassle-free.
Some of the basic steps MageAnts follow for Magento 1 to Magento 2 Data
 Go through your current site: We review your site and take a look at all the
existing extensions and codes. After all the analysis we decide out of all
which are needed for the new store and identify the areas that need
changes and modifications.
 Plan capacity: If you have a growing and successful business, then scalability
of the site is one of the important key element to consider. It’s the best
time to decide on this and discuss with us for more details.
 Build and test: Major process of Magento 2 migration which involves
different components that include the Magento 2 installation and its settings
with similar topology and design to the Magento 1 store.
 Migration Process: All the Magento 1 activities will be stopped, except for
the order management functions and data migration is started from a
replicated Magento 1 database instance.
 Go live: Last but not the least where we test the newly created site to
ensure the proper functioning of Magento 2 and make sure that there are no
bugs and errors before making it live.
Let's Migrate to Magento 2
The time for Magento 2 migration has come up and if you're planning on moving
over to Magento 2, MageAnts ensure you that your crucial data will be transferred
safely, efficiently and reliably, in line with your existing extensions, plug-ins,
themes, modules, and customizations with zero data loss and minimal downtime,
so that your new site is ready for action in no time.
For safe and hassle-free Magento 2 migration, contact MageAnts to get your job