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University of Miami - MTH 108 - Precalculus Math II

SYLLABUS: MTH 108 Precalculus Math II -- Trigonometry
Instructor: Lun-Yi Tsai
Email: ltsai@math.miami.edu
Office hours:MWF,11:30am - 1:15pm, Ungar 507
Website: http://www.math.miami.edu/~ltsai/
TEXTBOOK: Precalculus: Concepts Through Functions, Second Edition, by Sullivan &
Sullivan; Pub. Prentice Hall
CALCULATORS: Get a scientific calculator. You may use a graphing calculator
such as a Ti-83 to aid you in your study of trigonometric functions, but they
are not necessary and are not allowed on all exams whereas scientific
calculators are allowed on some.
ATTENDANCE: Class attendance is mandatory and essential to
understanding the material. We’ll often be doing group activities and you need to be in class to participate and get credit. If
you have to miss a class, then it’s your responsibility to find out what you missed, get notes from a classmate, and be ready
for the next lesson, homework, or test.
GRADING: Attendance (10%); Online homework & quizzes (30%); Three in-class exams (30%); Cumulative final (30%)
HOMEWORK & QUIZZES: You must purchase a student access kit online at www.coursecompass.com or at the university
bookstore. This will give you a student access code that you use to register at coursecompass.com. Once you have
registered you will login to our course using the Course ID that I will give you in class: ______________________
OFFICE HOURS: You are free to drop by my office during my office hours if you have any questions about the course
material. Occasionally, I’m in the math lounge, math library, or working with a mathematician. So let me know, if you plan
to be stopping by so that I can make a point to be in my office. Please come prepared with questions! Office hours are
NOT for catching up on material that you missed--get to know you classmates for that.
WITHDRAWALS: If for any reason you decide to withdraw from this class, please contact me. If the withdrawal is
completed on or before Sept. 9, no record of the class will appear on your transcript. You will receive a “W” on your
transcript if you withdraw between Sept. 9 and Oct. 28. After that, you’re committed to completing the course.
STUDENT RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Students are expected to respect the rights of others to learn in a nonthreatening, non-distracting environment. For more details consult the Student Rights and Responsibilities handbook:
http://www6.miami.edu/dean-students/srr.pdf. Students who feel they have a physical or learning disability should
contact the Services for Students with Disabilities office.
CHEATING: Cheating in this or any class is unacceptable. Cheating includes giving or receiving unauthorized help during
a quiz or exam, copying or allowing someone to copy homework, or attempting to deceive the instructor in any way about
your or another’s achievement in this course. A first offense results in a zero for that assignment, quiz, or exam. A
second offense results in a zero for the course. In such cases, all original materials will be submitted to the UM Honor
Council for review, students will receive photocopies of the work in question. For more information about cheating and
plagiarism policies, see the University of Miami Undergraduate Honor Code:
MTH 108 - Expectations
Come to class prepared everyday.
Participate in the lectures: answer my questions, ask questions, work on problems that I give you
Turn off your cell phones and any other electronic gadgets during class time.
Come see me during my office hours if you have questions.
If for some reason you cannot make it to class, find out what information you missed in your absence by talking to
your classmates or to me. Office hours are not opportunities for students to learn material they missed.
• If for some very important reason you cannot make it to class on a day that we are having an exam, let me know as
soon as possible. Make-ups will be scheduled to take place BEFORE the in-class exam whenever possible. If an
unforeseen emergency causes your absence, you must contact me IMMEDIATELY. To schedule a make-up after
an exam you need to have official documentation of the emergency.
MTH108 Precalculus Math II -- Trigonometry
Precalculus: Concepts Through Functions, Second Edition, by Sullivan & Sullivan; Pub. Prentice Hall
Tentative Schedule
1 (8/24)
2 (8/29)
3 (9/7)
Labor Day, 9/5
4 (9/12)
5 (9/19)
6 (9/26)
7 (10/3)
8 (10/10)
Fall Recess, 10/14
9 (10/17)
10 (10/24)
11 (10/31)
12 (11/7)
13 (11/14)
14 (11/21)
15 (11/28)
16 (12/7-14)
Angles and Their Measure
The Unit Circle & Trig Functions
Properties of Trigonometric Functions
Graphs of Sine and Cosine Functions
Graphs of Tangent, Cotangent, Secant, Cosecant
Phase Shift: Sinusoidal Curve fitting
Inverse Sine, Cosine, and Tangent Functions
More Inverse Trig Functions & Review for Exam #1
Exam #1
Trig Equations
Trig Identities
Sum and Difference Formulas
Double-angle & Half-angle Formulas
Product-to-Sum and Sum-to-Product Formulas
Right Triangle Trigonometry
Law of Sines
Law of Cosines
Area of a Triangle
Simple Harmonic Motion
Review For Exam #2
Exam #2
Polar Coordinates
Polar Equations & Graphs
The Complex Plane & DeMoivre’s Theorem
The Parabola
The Ellipse
The Hyperbola
Rotation of Axes; General Form of a Conic
Polar Equations of Conics
Plane Curves and Parametric Equations
Review For Exam #3
Exam #3
Systems of Linear Equations: Substitution & Elimination
Systems of Nonlinear Equations
Systems of Inequalities
The Binomial Theorem
Catch up time
Review for Final Exam
Cumulative Final Exam