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DATE: 11/14/2018
TO: Dr. Irazoqui
FROM: Yunlei Yan
SUBJECT: Proposal to update computer and corresponding hardware in MSEE 189
The purpose of the proposal is to convince that providing better hardware in MSEE helps
students getting a better experience when studying in MSEE and help them concentrate on their
A lot of students study in MSEE 189 every day. However, we continuously experiencing
problems like losing network, power supply not connected and missing sound or microphone
function. Linux machine sometimes won’t be able to hold several web pages.
The best solution would be replacing the computers and hardware. The most efficient way to get
better performance is to use new computers. Also, windows computer should be equipped with a
more stable network connection and a more neat power supply connection as there are multiple
times people found power unconnected while there are no close station to plug in.
Linux should be updated to be more equipped for daily use. It should be updated that at least it
won’t be slow when writing multiple programs and browsing different web page at the same
The risk of course including the technical and maintenance problems brought by the new
systems. However if all these works, students will have a much better study environment.
The work will be directed and operated by ECN and iTap employees. They professionals on
computer and any technical issues on building a computer lab.
Also, this requires the fund of ECE. Comparing the major maintenance of MSEE building and
the new labs we build recently, the cost of getting new hardware will be a minor, which would be
tens of thousands of dollars.
The deploy of this system can be done during vacation when no one would be using this lab.
As engineering students, we need better hardware. Like students in CS and polytech, we need
performance for our study. Providing better computers and hardware in MSEE lab will
significantly increase students study environment and thus the satisfaction.
Dr. Irazoqui should contact iTap and ECN for professional suggestions and budget estimation.
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