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Disjointed time sequence
Dramatic structure that does not unfold chronologically. Past, present and future events are performed
in a non-sequential order
Transformation of character
The actor plays more than one role, shifting from one to another without going off stage.
Transformation is made using expressive skills, characterisation, use of props and costume.
Transformation of place
The actor creates more than one place or setting without the use of scenery.
Transformation of prop
A prop is used to represent more than one object
Heightened use of language
poetic and exaggerated use of language. It includes the deliberate choice of words.
Stillness and silence
Absence of sound or movement to enhance dramatic effect
Exaggerated movement
Action that is deliberately overstated for a dramatic purpose, often for purposes of ridicule.
Use of song to break up or comment upon a narrative or plot
A state which evokes a feeling of pity or sadness in the audience, for example the power of stirring
tender or melancholy emotion.
Exaggeration of a character that is often ludicrous or grotesque. It can be comic, at times derogatory,
and with the intention of ridicule
Unvoiced physical performance implying object and space
Juxtaposition of dramatic images or vignettes often presented in rapid succession uses: introduction of
ideas summary of characters/events/actions.
Addressing the audience
The actor speaks directly to the audience, either as their character or as the actor stepping out of
The use of wit and comedy to attack, denounce or deride a target.
Dramatic metaphor
Heightened symbolic use of word, object or gesture beyond the literal meaning.
Use of verse, heightened song or movement, including the use of poetic imagery
Direct address where plot elements are conveyed
Minimalist focus on objects to represent ideas
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