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POLS Essay Outline

Political Socialization Essay
a. Thesis (Last sentence)
b. Summarize political values, area grown up in, family positions
c. 5-7 sentences
Body Paragraph 1
a. Explain how your family, education thus far, friends, religion, military service etc., have shaped
your views
Body Paragraph 2
a. Are you currently a member of a political party? If so, which one and why?
Do you affiliate with another unrecognized political party? Are you nonpartisan or apolitical?
Body Paragraph 3
a. Have any politicians, political events, or political commentators influenced your viewpoints? Be
as specific as you want.
Body Paragraph 4
a. Discuss how your political viewpoints have evolved (or may evolve).
a. Restate thesis (Not word for word)
b. Summarize all points
c. Final Statement on your political view (Relatable)