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(3) ESSAY - E. Prestado

From possibility to actuality. (A posse ad esse)
With the opportunity at hand, I would like to express my huge interest for the
scholarship grant being applied for by enumerating in this essay the reasons why I think that I
deserve to become a scholar. First, I’ve always believed in the power of knowledge of law. I’ve
always known that one who knows or studied the law well carries with him/her the discipline
of seeking the truth at all costs. And that, I think, is the best discipline that one could ever have.
Second, it has always been on my best interest to protect my family from all injustices.
For one, I may say we have experienced the cruel injustice in our lives when my father got
staged and arrested during my graduation rites due to political indifferences in our city.
Through learning and understanding law, I think this is the best way that I could protect not
only them, but also the people in our city and the whole nation as well.
Third, it has always been my greatest dream to learn from the bests. And I think that the
University of Makati (UMak) is one of the best institutions in our country that is spearheaded
but nothing but the best professors, lectors, lawyers and even former or incumbent government
officials. As my college professor told me, when one learns from the best, he/she could either be
like them or even more than them.
Fourth, a dream could never be possible without the move to make it a reality. And I
think that this scholarship grant is the key to finally make my dream a reality. I know that law
school is never as easy as it seems but I am now ready to take the high road, no matter how
difficult it is, to finally reach my personal and communal goals. After all, I’ve always believed
that “law” is something that is meant to be shared to and for everyone. The study of it is not
supposed to be treated as a battle but rather a blessing. And if I were to be given such a huge
blessing, I will make sure that I will never put it into waste and give everything as much as I
can – or even more than what I think I can.
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