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team building exercise

Team Building Assignment
Magnus Bjerg, Ivan Lemesh, Bethany Lettiere, Prakash Manandhar, Rachel Moore
Crazy Job Interview
This activity is for a group of 4 or 5. Each player will take turns convincing another that they are
the best for an imaginary job.
One member of the group is the ​Interviewee​ and draws two characteristics from a stack. A
second group member is the ​Hiring Manager​ and draws a job from a second stack. The
interviewee has to get the hiring manager to guess the characteristics without stating them
directly while also explaining why those things would make them a good fit for the job.
Once the ​Hiring Manager​ guesses the first characteristic, the ​Interviewee​ moves on to the
second characteristic. ​Hiring Manager​ has 2 minutes to guess both characteristics. If
successful, the ​Interviewee​ gets the job and a promotion to become the ​Hiring Manager​ and
the next person steps up to interview. If not, a new ​Interviewee​ comes in to interview with the
same ​Hiring Manager​ for a new job. The previous ​Interviewee​ goes to the end of the line.
Debrief points:
Creative communication (Connecting multiple characteristics, communicating on the fly)
Active listening (Teamwork/help me understand you)
For the class implementation, the organizers will provide the jobs and characteristics. They will
be printed on two different colors of paper.
1. High rise window cleaner
2. Personal driver for the Kardashians
3. On-set animal handler
4. Dog dentist
5. Minesweeper
6. Deep sea diver
7. White House chef
8. Medieval romance librarian
9. Deputy button presser in the ballistic missile program
10. Freelance yodeler
11. High fashion earmuff designer
12. Dog therapist
13. Dolphin trainer
14. Arboretum branch manager
15. Twitter Proofreader
16. Nuclear Technician
1. Having watched all seasons of keeping up with the Kardashians
2. Can read a clock upside down
3. Knows how to ride a horse
4. Can sing every national anthem
5. Prefers to talk backward
6. Lots of experience teaching kindergarten
7. Always carrying lots of books
8. Sneezes when nervous
9. Always knows where North is
10. Wears glasses but doesn’t need them
11. Is a ukulele prodigy
12. Prefers to skip rather than walk normally
13. Eats food in alphabetical order
14. Never wears the same outfit twice
15. Believes that they can fly
16. Can cross their toes
17. Previously lived on a deserted island
18. Has been on a reality show
19. Knows the alphabet backward
20. Keeps their Christmas tree up all year round
21. Always aware of the temperature outside
22. Can fix anything with tape
23. Can sleep standing up