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Analyze Evaluate Create a Solution

Consider all the information we have learned thus far in the play. Record the situations that are hindering the couple from
having a normal relationship. Place your answers in the outer hexagons.
They are from rival
Juliet lost the
support of her
parents to marry.
Everyone knows
that Romeo killed
What factors
contributing to
the difficult
nature of
Romeo and
Romeo is exiled.
They got married
in secret.
Juliet is supposed
to marry Juliet.
Analyze Romeo and Juliet’s predicament as it stands at this point in the play. Create some possible solutions that would allow
the couple to continue their relationship. Use the boxes below to record your ideas.
Consider Romeo and Juilet's situation as it stands right now. What
are some possible solutions that would allow Romeo and Juliet to be
Juliet should run away to
Romeo in Mantua.
Talk to her parents and try to
Juliet and Friar Laurence
could tallk to the prince and
get Romeo back in Verona.
Friar Laurence could let
Romeo live with him and Juliet
can visit.
Evaluate the solutions you listed in the chart above. Choose the one solution you believe is most effective and reasonable. Just
as it took many steps for Romeo and Juliet to get into this predicament, it will take several steps to get out of it. Using the graph
below, record the steps it will take to achieve the solution you devised.
Romeo and Juliet
live happily together.
Romeo returns and meets Juliet and
they contuinue meeting in secret.
Prince is convinced and sends a letter
to Romeo telling him the terms of his
The prince thinks over Juliet and
Friar's proposal.
Juliet and the Friar try to convince
the Prince that Romeo killed Tybalt
for his cousin's Mercutio's sake.
Juliet talks to the Friar to meet the