Business Ethics Assignment(Report)

3. Research methodology.
In this study research about the moral ethics in Islamic work we can see that the
relationship took place between Islamic work ethic and the workplace outcome.
The purpose of this article is to examine the relationship between Islamic work
ethics(IWE) and the employees attitude and their behavior term in a working
origination and to study the performance of employees in the Islamic financial
institution in Malaysia. This study use a total of 301 employees in exact of Islamic
institution and employ structural equation modelling-partial least square technique
in order to analyze the data and have an predictable and accurate statistics based on
this article study. Therefore, an quantitative approach was utilized to achieve the
research objectives and to analyze the data that were collected through the survey
study via by doing the questionnaires. The unit of analysis was the employees of
Islamic financial institutions (Islamic banks and insurance Takaful companies).
This is because it was difficult to get a list of all the elements of the population,
that’s why a non-probability judgmental sampling was employed. Within the
organizational context, using this type of sampling is a good choice because it
permits a theoretical generalization of our findings which is very useful later on in
our statistics of data. The scales used to measure the studies of variables that were
borrowed from existing literature. ERB and IRB were measured using ten items
adapted from Williams and Anderson (1991) (e.g. I assist others with their duties, I
express loyalty towards my organization, I perform task that are expected of me).
Additionally, POJ was measured by using six items adapted from Ambrose and
Schminke (2009). In general, we can say that on this organization need to be fair.
Furthermore, PSY was measured by using seven items adapted from Pierce et al.
(2001) (e.g. This is an organization which is based on the article we research on
about, I sense that this is my company). Moreover, IWE was measured by using a
short version of Ali’s (1992) instrument, which consisted of 17 items (e.g. Laziness
is a vice, Dedication to work is a virtue, Good work benefits is both to the
individual himself and to others also in the meantime and this can create a
harmony and happier environment in the workplace and it can generate a profitable
income for a firm or a company in the business world. Nowadays, we can say that
its very hard to see employees’ nowadays working together and have a good
communication between them. This because everyone is competing with everyone
themselves not only locally but globally as well. So, its quite hard to digest that its
hard to accept this theory can lead to a better outcome in the future or why even
now itself. Respondents were asked to indicate their level of agreement for each
statement by using with a seven-point Likert scale is 1 ¼ I strongly disagree this
method and 7 ¼ “strongly agree”. As a guideline, the recommended number of
respondents need to have observation for five times as the number of variables to
be analyzed. Following this rule, the minimum number of respondents in this study
were required to answer the questionnaires. In total, a number of 400
questionnaires were handed personally to 14 organizations that agreed to
participate in this study which is by eight Islamic banks and six Insurance Takaful
companies. Of the 400 questionnaires, 320 were returned and 301 were found
usable for further analysis. The demographic result was revealed that the
respondents were almost equal in gender in which 45.5 per cent were males and
54.5 per cent were females. The majority of the respondents was 79.7 per cent that
was between 35 years old and less. With respect to the ethnicity, the majority were
Malay which was a total of 97.7 per cent. The results of descriptive analysis
showed that 45.8 per cent of the participants were administrative staff. With
regards to respondents’ work experience, 75.1 per cent of the respondents had 10
years work experience and 78.4 per cent of the respondents had a ten-year work
experience in the same organization. With respect to participants’ monthly income,
72.8 per cent earn less than RM3000.
Information Technology (IT) Ethics in the Light of
Well this article states that Information Technology (IT) Ethics says is the best for
a company or a firm in the business world. Globalization and digital convergence
in the emerging knowledge society has raised to a complex an ethical way, legal
and societal issues. We are in a complex and have difficult questions regarding the
freedom of expression, access to information, and have the right for privacy issues,
intellectual property rights, and cultural diversity. We live in an era of fast growing
technological advances. We have reached a new height of development in our life.
Information and communication technology is an overriding factor and this
Information technology (IT) has become all pervasive in the lives of millions all
over the world. It has also become an instrumental need of all humans to gather
knowledge as well as information. A person can learn or garner anything he or she
needs by clicking on the mouse of a personal computer with internet connectivity.
But everybody in the Islamic world wants a guaranteed right in the ethics of using
information technology. IT is frequently used illegally infringing its ethics all over
the world. Its rights, which are already legally recognized, are being violated daily
in the name of economic advancement, political stability, religious causes,
campaigns against terrorism or for personal greed and interests. Violations of these
rights have created new problems in human social systems, such as the digital
divide, cybercrime, digital security and privacy concerns. All of those have
affected people’s lives either directly or indirectly. Such hi tech advances
sometimes deny the underlying IT ethical issues. Though our information systems
have evolved from data processing, through information systems, to artificial
intelligence and embedded systems, there has not been sufficient advancement in
dealing with the ethical issues these technologies have made our lives much more
easier in an ethical and social way at the same time. This helps the key role of
some skills through this ethics which not that important in the Islamic ethics.
Communication and (IT) skills can be learned and its beneficial for an individual
through this way of ethics. This also can lead to a harmony and peaceful work area
through this Information Technology (IT) way of ethics been used. This study
more based on and through library-oriented research. In order to find out the
development in IT ethics and which is related to the Islamic issues, the authors
have consulted any available published literatures, research monograms, journals,
books and magazines in the field of the Information Technology. The secondary
thing is the data that are derived from both Islamic and conventional literatures in
this article that we are based on the study. It is more worth mentioning here that the
Qur’an and Hadiths are used in this study as original and primary source of data for
the respective theme and concept. Other relevant literatures are also studied and
examined carefully to fulfill the defined objectives taken in the present study. So,
this shows that this ethics is much more effective then the Islamic ethics we
discussed previously. Therefore, I disagree that the Islamic ethics is not always be
used in all company or firms in the business world and its not guaranteed that this
ethics can be used in every organizations. There are some ethics that is perfect for
a company or a firm and some other ethics or policy based been used by any other
company. In simple words, Islamic ethics is one of a way that can be used in a
business firm for an ethical based principal to be worked by the employees.
Business ethics is much more capable in practice throughout the world in whatever
language of the countries with any purposes. Although there are wide range of
policies and ethics that can be used so that it can give us more advantages to the
employees and to the companies as well, but this ethics based only can be adopted
by few companies until now and its based on which and what types of business
ethics need to be used in companies so that it will be a strategic way to boost up
their profit in the global market. Maybe these happen because the ethics used is
much more important in a business of a company. Ethics is also an easier way that
helps to improve the performance of work of an individual, create a wonderful
environment in the working place and this should be used by all the companies in
the world doesn’t matter what ethics based policies they use but they should know
which is effective and efficient for their company and for their employees. In the
meantime when talk about information technology (IT), in every company the
technology is commonly used to prepare the financial reports and the financial
reports that used based on information technology Islamic ethics that will gain the
better understanding of the employees that find and want to know about the
financial and nonfinancial information that has been prepared. In conclusion, the
adoption of business ethics and the used of ethical ways and policies in companies
in order to create a good environment among the employees and for the business so
that it can give some of the advantages to the employees, companies and to the
business itself.
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