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BDI3C - Review Questions for Exam

Review Questions for Final Evaluation
1) What is Entrepreneurship?
2) What is an Entrepreneur?
3) What is Intrapreneurship?
4) What is an Enterprising person?
5) What is the main difference between an Enterprising
person and an Entrepreneur?
6) List the advantages and disadvantages of being an
Enterprising person.
7) List the advantages and disadvantages of being an
8) What are the challenges and opportunities facing young
adult entrepreneurs?
9) What are the skills required for entrepreneurial success?
10) What are ethics?
11) What is the multiplier effect?
12) How have entrepreneurs been agents of change?
13) What is an invention?
14) What is an innovation?
15) What is an opportunity?
16) What is an idea?
17) How does opportunity differ from an idea?
18) Where can you go for possible ideas for new ventures?
19) What are the steps in the Problem Solving Model?
20) Define lateral thinking.
21) What are the 6 Thinking Hats?
22) What are the characteristics of each Thinking Hat?
23) How is a trend different from a fad?
24) Define Market Rearch
25) How is Primary Data different from Secondary Data?
26) What is a Target Market?
27) Define Demographics
28) Define Geographics
29) Define Socio-Economic
30) What is SWOT analysis?
31) What is PEST analysis?
32) What is Porter's Five Forces model?
33) What is a franchise?
34) What is a sole proprietor?
35) What is a partnership?
36) What is a corporation?
37) What is a co-operative?
38) What are the 2 different types of Human Resources?
39) What is the difference between consumable resources and fixed resources?
40) Name 7 common types of media advertisements?
41) What are the 4' P's of Marketing?
42) Define Channels of Distribution
43) What is Distribution for Retail?
44) What is Distribution of Services?
45) What is Physical Distribution of Goods?
46) Explain how each type of pricing is different:
a) Demand Based Pricing
b) Cost Based Pricing
c) Competition Based Pricing
d) Time Based Pricing
e) Bundling
f) Break Even Point Pricing
g) Penetration Pricing
h) Skimming
i) Odd-Even Pricing
47) What is Target-Total Profit?
48) What is Return on Investment?
49) What is Market Share?
50) What is Output Delivered?
51) What is Customers Served?
52) What is a Balance Sheet?
53) What is an Income Statement?
54) Define Asset
55) Define Liabilities
56) Define Owner's Equity
57) What are 3 Main Components of Cash Flow?
58) List some causes of Cash Flow problems
59) What is main difference between a Cash Flow Projection and an Income Statement?