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Civil War Response

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American History
September 7, 2018
Heartland Response
Onward Expansion
Manifest Destiny, which was the belief to expand to the west, happened shortly after the Civil
War. Settlers started moving west for better opportunities. For example, they moved west to own
land, to get rich by the mines, or to start a new life somewhere else. Eventually, people start
finding gold in mines and minerals, and that made moving to the west more significant for the
American settlers. Americans would hire Chinese workers because the work in the mines was
extremely dangerous and lethal. The workers were underpaid and uncared for. On another
subject, the industry for cowboys came into play, and they would oversee the cattle. The cattle
were open ranged, which allowed them to graze and move freely throughout the plains.
However, Joseph Glidden came up with the invention of barbed wire, and it changed the way
cattle grazed. Around time as well, the Americans killed most of the buffalo population and left a
lot of the bones and meat on the buffalo. The Native Americans would use all the buffalo, but the
Americans did not use all of it.
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