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Asus Computer How to fix black screen Problems

Asus Computer: How to fix black screen Problems?
Recently, many people complained that their Asus Computer black screen after boot and they can do
nothing with it. The reasons for this problem are related to the video card or inner programs. Reset the
computer can be the first thought for many users but all the files stored in disk C will be erased.
1. Common ways to fix Computer Black Screen after Startup
When the Asus Computer screen black but still running after login, there are some basic troubleshooting
steps and a few of them extremely worked well.
Remove the battery and the AC adapter cable; press the power button a few times. When 1 or 2
minutes, connect the battery and AC adapter to have another try
Make sure the computer is clean and dry. When the computer is in a damp environment, it also
gets a black screen and unable to start
Hold the F2 and the power button at the same time for one minute and release each of the
buttons to see if it works
Switch off the computer and remove the HDD. Turn on the Computer to enter BIOS, after the
default settings loading out, plug back the HDD and select “save changes and exit” on the BIOS.
2. Ultimate solution Fix Black Screen of Death on Asus Computer
If you still see the black screen with cursor on Asus computer after trying the ways above, you may need
some profession help. With Windows Boot Genius, you can get access to the dead windows system
quickly. Follow the steps below to see how easy it is:
Download and install the program on a workable computer. Insert one blank CD/DVD or USB
drive and so launch Windows Boot Genius. Click "Burn" to start boot disk creation.
Take out the bootable CD and insert into your Asus Computer, Switch to “Windows Rescue” and
choose “crash before loading bar”. Currently just follow the automatic execution to finish the repairing
Asus Computer screen black or blank is really not a problem anymore after trying the methods in this
blog. ASUS support is excellent in case you are suffering from any technical issue related to Asus. For the
same situations, just connect with Asus Customer Service.
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