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English Grade 6 (1)

Time: 2.5 hrs
Third Term Assessment 2018-19
Group A
1. Read the following passage carefully:
Two men were traveling together, when a bear suddenly met them on their path. One of the men
quickly climbed into a tree and concealed himself in the branches. The other, seeing that he
would be attacked, fell flat on the ground. When the bear came up and nudged him with his
snout, and smelled him all over, he held his breath and feigned the appearance of death as well
as he could. The bear soon left him, for it is said bears will not touch a dead body.
When the bear was quite gone, the other traveler descended from the tree, and jocularly
inquired of his friend what the bear had whispered in his ear. “He gave me this advice,” his
companion replied. “Never travel with a friend who deserts you at the approach of danger.”
Based on the reading , answer the following questions:
What problem do the two travelers encounter at the beginning?
How do the travelers react to the situation?
What problem arises for the second traveler?
Relate the moral of the story in your own words.
Give a suitable title for this story.
Find four past tenses (verbs) from the passage.
Find two words in present continuous tense from the passage.
2. Underline the pairs of synonyms or circle the pairs of antonyms in each sentence: (.5x3=1.5)
a. An Egyptian pharaoh prepared for death all through his life.
b. His grave was dug and his tomb prepared years before his death.
c. Much of the pharaoh's great wealth and personal treasure were placed in the tomb.
3. Rearrange the words to make a meaningful sentence:
a. certainly / the/ exercise / is / medicine / best
b. important/ music/ an/ place/ our/ lives/ in/has
c. paper/ One /of /the/ ways/ to/ amount /save /and/ preserve/ paper /environment/ is /the/
to /the /reduce /of /you/ in /first /use /place /best/ the
4. Underline the hyperbole in each sentence. Write what it means in the answer sheet: (2)
I tried to break the ice by telling the group a story.
I have a million things to do today.
5. Circle the error in each sentence. Then write the word correctly:
a. Peter and Dawn are in they’re boat.
b. Their out in the middle of the lake.
c. Its quiet because the boat is just drifting.
d. They’re argument goes on for a while.
6. Complete each sentence with the correct tag question:
a. He plays football, ______________________?
b. Mary is going to see that movie, ______________________?
c. You're living in France, ______________________ ?
d. You live in France, ______________________?
7. Fine another pair of homophones and make sentences using them:
8. Fill in the blanks with the relative pronoun:
a. A young lady ………… lived in the neighborhood came to our help.?
b. Listen to …………….. I say.
6. Give the plurals of the following nouns:
a. puppy b. child c. person d. ox e. woman f. boy
7. Change the following indirect speech into indirect speech:
a. He said that they were all laughing uncontrollably.
b. She said that she wanted to go.
Group B
1. Answer the following questions (based on the novel read this year):
a. Using a T-chart show the problems and solution of favorite story.
b. Among many books read this year in Grade 6, which one is your favorite and why?
c. Draw picture of your favorite character and write few lines about his/her traits.
d. Using a Venn diagram compare Marty ( Shiloh) and Fern( Charlotte’s Web).
2. Write a letter to the principal asking for more books in the library.
3. Write down the points to describe the characters from the stories that we read in the class: (10)
Jane Goodall
Mr. Fox
Group C
Write an essay on any one topic:
a. Responsibility
b. Grade 6 c. Indus Valley Civilization
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