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Dell Computer will not boot to Windows 10

Dell Computer will not boot to
Windows 10.
Dell computer is one in all the most famous and recognized the brand of the world. But sometimes, it
does not meet the requirement of the user. Of course, it is a machine and it creates a problem.
So, during this blog we are going to resolve the Dell computer issues:
First, you have to unplug all the external devices (like Printers, Scanner, Media card reader, USB
storage devices, etc, etc)
Then Run a computer diagnostics. To run, a computer diagnostics use online diagnostics.
Must check specific error messages.
Click on your search engine and then, describe your problem of any specific error messages.
You can use Bing, Yahoo, and Google.
Must Reset the BIOS to default values.
To reset it follow the below instructions:
Restart your computer.
Then, tap the F2 key repeatedly till you see entering Setup.
Depending on your BIOS, you need to press a key listed at the bottom of the screen.
Press ESC to exit the BIOS, and remember to select Save and Exit to save your changes.
Safe and Clean Troubleshooting.
Might be your software causing your system to not boot properly. But you have to boot it clean and on a
safe mode. You can boot by using a token set of drivers and startup programs. It can assist you to
eliminate software that creates issues (when you install a program).
Note- you may also troubleshoot Windows 10 to determine what conflicts are causing the problem by
performing a clean boot.
Virus and malware troubleshooting.
It is possible that your computer is affected by a virus or other malicious software. To remove make sure
your antivirus software is up-to-date.
Restore the operating system to factory settings.
If you still have issues and the previous troubleshooting could not resolve it, then it is necessary to
restore your computer to factory settings. To restore your computer’s operating system and software to
the first factory settings (refer to dell Knowledge).If you have another kind of dell computer connected
problems then should visit and decision Dell Computer Support.
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