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Callie Review Quiz

Review Quiz
You can use your notes to answer these questions. Don’t worry about the questions
you can’t answer, try to get as many as you can.
1. Which of these classifications include the widest variety of organisms?
a) Phylum
b) Class
c) Group
d) Family
2. Which of these classifications include the smallest variety of organisms?
a) Genus
b) Class
c) Group
d) Kingdom
3. What system do we use to name species?
a) Binomial nomenclature
b) Trinomial nomenclature
c) Capitalizing all the letters in the name
d) Writing down which kingdom the organism is included in
4. Which one of these species names is written correctly?
b) Canis Familiaris
c) Canis familiaris
d) canis familiaris
Use the following diagram to answer questions 5-8.
5. According to the diagram, which of these animals have an amniotic egg?
a) Sharks
b) Amphibians
c) Primates
d) Ray-finned fish
6. According to the diagram, which of these animals has four limbs and eggs with
a) Amphibians
b) Primates
c) Birds
d) Sharks
7. Which of these characteristics does the crocodile not have?
a) Vertebrae
b) Four limbs
c) Hair
d) Eggs with shells
8. What trait does the ray-finned fish and the rabbit have in common?
a) Hair
b) Vertebrae
c) Amniotic egg
d) Four limbs
9. A trait that gives an organism an advantage in its environment is called?
a) Evolution
b) Adaptation
c) Natural selection
d) Darwinism
10. What is the best definition of evolution?
a) Humans deciding which species is the best and breeding them
b) The organism with the highest likelihood of growing to adulthood and
c) Many adaptations occurring over a long period of time to change a group
of organisms into a new species
d) Helping another animal out in a time of need
11. Which of these is the best example of homologous structures?
a) A bee’s wing and a bat’s wing
b) A bird’s beak and a swordfish’s bill
c) The eyes of a fly and the eyes of a dog
d) The arms of an dog and the arms of a human
12. Which of these is the best example of analogous structures?
a) A bat’s wing and a human arm
b) The arm of an alligator and the arm of a cat
c) The wing of a butterfly and the wing of a bird
d) The flipper of a whale and the leg of a horse