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Chapter 17: Beginning of the Life Cycle Review

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Chapter 17- The Beginning of the Life Cycle: Study
Lesson 1: Prenatal Development and Care
List five nutrients that should be consumed in increased amounts during pregnancy.
1. _________________________
3. _________________________
5. __________________________
2. __________________________
4. __________________________
Lesson 2: Heredity and Genetics
True/False: If true, write “T” in the blank. If false, write correct answer in the blank.
1. Most human cells have 46 chromosomes.
2. The trait of a(n) dominant gene will appear whenever it is present.
3. Body cells of males have two X chromosomes.
4. Cystic fibrosis is an example of a(n) genetic disorder.
5. The process of inserting normal genes into human cells to correct genetic
disorders is aminocentesis.
Fill in the blank with the correct term listed below.
amniocentesis Chorionic vili sampling
6. Thread-like structures that carry the codes for inherited traits are called _____________________.
7. The chemical unit that makes up chromosomes is ________________.
8. _____________________________ is a test for genetic disorders that uses fetal cells found in the
fluid that surrounds the developing fetus.
9. _____________________________ is a test for genetic disorders that uses a layer of
tissue that develops into the placenta.
10. _________________ are the basic unit of heredity.
Lesson 3: Birth Through Childhood
Circle each letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.
1. During which stage of development do children begin to draw recognizable pictures?
A. Infancy
C. Middle Childhood
B. Early Childhood
D. Late Childhood
2. Which of the following is NOT usually associated with early childhood?
A. Desiring approval
C. Showing defiance
B. Beginning puberty
D. Walking well
3. What age range is considered middle childhood?
A. Birth to 12 months
C. 4 years to 6 years
B. 1 year to 3 years
D. 7 years to 12 years
4. Which of the following describes scoliosis?
A. a curvature of the spine
C. A sense of self-confidence
B. a problem with hearing
D. A problem with vision
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5. During which stage of development does the most rapid growth occur?
A. Infancy
C. Middle Childhood
B. Early Childhood
D. Late Childhood
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