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Long ago, and far away,
in a village high on a mountaintop,
something amazing was occurring.
At the very same moment, two
identical baby girls were born.
One, a baby Princess.
The King and Queen were overjoyed.
Princess Anneliese would
have only the finest.
The second baby girl was named Erika.
Her parents loved her every bit as much
as the King and Queen loved the Princess.
But they worried.
They were so poor.
How would they be
able to care for their little daughter?
Many years passed.
The Princess learned her royal duties,
while Erika worked long and hard as a
seamstress for the spiteful Madame Carp.
With lives so different, it
wasn't surprising that the Princess
and the Pauper never met.
But fate decreed they would.
It all started at the Royal Mine.
When the miners informed the
Queen the gold had run out.
The widowed Queen was shocked.
The Kingdom was no bankrupt. How was
she going to take care of her people?
If only she could call on
her trusted advisor Preminger,
But he was away on a long journey.
She needed to do something quickly
to save the Kingdom.
But what?
And then it struck her.
Nearby lived a rich young
King who was seeking a wife.
Oh. We're late, late, late. We have 20
maximum 22 minutes for your royal fitting.
Then it's move, move, move. Your
speech at the Historical Society.
After that we have the
rush. And I mean rush
to the Horicortural Society Tea.
And then there's your math lessons, your
geography lessons, your science...
All my life I've always wanted
to have one day just for me.
Nothing to do and for
once nowhere I need to be.
With no lessons, Lords, or lunches,
Or 'to do' list in the way,
No one to say when to eat
or read or leave or stay
That would be the day
All my life I've always wanted
To have one day for myself
Not waking up with a pile
of work on every shelf.
With no hems in need of pressing,
and no sleeves in disarray,
No wedding gown with a
thousand stitches to crochet
And no debt to pay.
Madame Carp!
What do you think I'm running here?
A cabaret?
I would've said a debtor's prison.
Keep laughing. You'll be working
for me for another 37 years.
But I've already paid
off more than half.
But there's interest isn't there?
Your parents should've thought of
that before they borrowed so much.
- They did it to feed me!
- Their mistake.
- What would it be like to be...
- What would it be like to be...
- Free.
- Free.
Free to try crazy things
Free from endless IOU's
- Free to find
- Free to see
And marry whom I choose.
I'm so sorry, my darling,
but as you know, it is vital
you marry King Dominick.
It is the only way to
take care of our people.
I know. It's my duty.
Oh, and look!
Another engagement gift.
You would think that I'm so lucky
that I have so many things
I'm realizing that every
present comes with strings.
Though I know I have so little,
my determination's strong.
People will gather around
the world to hear my song.
Can I come along?
- Now I fear I'll never be
- Soon I will forever be
- Free!
- Free!
If I close my eyes I'd feel
myself fly up a thousand miles away
I could take flight
but would it be right?
My conscious tells me stay.
- I'll remain forever royal
- I'll repay my parent's debt
Duty means doing the things
your heart they well regret
But I'll never stop believing
She can never stop my schemes
There's more to living than gloves
and gowns and threads and seams
In my dreams
I'll be free!
Ok, what idiot put this in here?
Oh, that would be me.
Let us review, shall we?
We are stealing gold!
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