Smithsonian: Secret in the Cellar Questions Forensic Science

Secret in the Cellar – Smithsonian webcomic
1. This site is within one of the earliest European settlements in what state?
2. What year was the Providence area settled?
3. How many of the original 104 Jamestown colonists survived the first winter?
4. What groups of people were living in this area by the 1600s?
5. What types of artifacts were first found at the site?
6. How did they figure out where the homes had been built?
7. What types of equipment might be used for a geophysical survey?
8. What is archaeology?
9. Where was body? Why was this odd?
10. What else was in cellar?
11. Milk pans are said to have contributed to high levels of what element in the bones of some
individuals from the 17th century?
12. What was the Battle of Severn about?
13. How did they date the body in the cellar?
14. What did they mean by Terminus post quem – “limit after which”
Secret in the Cellar – Smithsonian webcomic
15. Was the skeleton male or female? How did they know?
16. How old? How did he know?
17. What was the ancestry of the body? What does this tell researchers?
18. What is antemortem?
19. What is perimortem?
20. What is postmortem?
21. How can you tell which one an injury is?
22. Why was this called a chauffer’s fracture?
23. What injuries did he have, when did they happen?
24. How did they know he hadn’t been here (in the US) long?
25. What evidence showed he had been doing heavy labor?
26. What do they think happened to the boy?
27. What is the process by which they reconstruct the face of an individual using the skull called?
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