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UCL Personal Statement - AFTER SYLVIA EDIT

I’m choosing to study MSc Management at UCL as its modules such as Accounting, Finance
and Business economics are already incorporated within my BSc Accounting & Business
Economics degree and are topics I am very fond of but I would also love to study deeper
into business and management and UCL is exactly what I am looking for, combining topics
that I’m already so fervent about and looking into a broader business view. As well as
engaging with academic staff, I also look forward to interacting and learning from UCL’s
diverse range of students in the MSc Management programme.
I believe I have the ideas, innovation and tenacity to succeed to be a beneficial student of
the Management Science and Innovation department in an internationally recognised
institution such as the UCL. Being in such an intellectually rich environment will develop and
amplify all the qualities I have to enable me to procure a prominent position in
My second year at university has sharpened my whole thinking process and enabled me to
realise how I could contribute to the business world and the dexterity I have in order to
succeed in an organisation. One the captivating tasks of my second year financial accounting
module was to analyse the annual reports of Rolls Royce and BAE systems for investment
purposes and use this to produce a written report and develop a presentation with four
other students to present to the module leaders and another group. In addition I was also
assigned to manage the group thus delegating each individual to evaluate a specific section
of the annual report and I effectively utilized each person’s aptitude to match their
contribution to the given task. I took the opportunity to apply ratio analysis in both
companies’ financial statements.
Our team work and effort resulted in a first class grade in both my report and my oral
presentation but more importantly it showed me how to adapt to a managerial role and use
my interpersonal skills to help my team mates and myself to achieve our goals. I am now
more confident that I wish to pursue postgraduate studies in Management as the skills I
possess can be fully utilized in this career path.
I am very excited by the consultancy project that UCL has to offer and I will no doubt
replicate the same commitment reflected in my previous group project but to a much higher
degree and show how diligent I am in studying in management and practically applying what
I have learnt.
Upon my completion of the MSc I hope move into general strategy consultancy and I aim to
specialising into sales and marketing strategies.
I have achieved high First Class grades in all of my modules and I am continuing this effort
but even more so through my final year. I hope this is only the beginning in my journey to
seek knowledge and experience in order to attain an executive role in an organisation and
only a world renowned institution with global links such as UCL can provide me guidance to
succeed in 21st century business and also help me develop as a human being.
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