Warm-Up 3-11

Media Monday
• Please read the article assigned to you
on NewsELA.
1. Do not forget to sign-in with
2. Once you sign-in go to your
binder and scroll down to find
your work.
3. Click on the article and read the
assigned article at your Lexile
• Once you have finished reading the
article, please take the quiz and
complete your Monday vocabulary
Text Tuesday
• Read your independent
reading book for the first
15-20 minutes of class. Do
not forget to fill out your
reading log!
• Please log on to Quill.org
and complete the assigned
• Do not forget to log-in
with Google!
• Once you are done,
please complete your
Wednesday vocab activity
Word Work Wednesday
• Use this time to write
your vocab paragraph.
• Do not forget to
follow the
paragraph writing
• Use your best
Free Write
Please complete your Friday Vocab activity
Then chose ONE topic from below to write
1. If you caught a leprechaun and he offered
you a pot of gold for his freedom, what
would you do with the money?
2. You found a four leaf clover! Write a story
about your lucky day.
3. Irish people were greatly persecuted, or
mistreated, when they first came to
America. Do you think that people from
different countries are still persecuted in
America today? Why or why not?
You need to write for 15-20 minutes. Do not
forget to use our writing rules. Please use your
best handwriting
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