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The Final Report
A bound copy of the final report together with a soft copy is required for assessment of your work.
All copies of final report are NOT returned to students.
The final bound copy of the industrial training report for examination should include the following
1. A write-up on the learning experience and application of theory, which include some
information about the company.
2. Appendices that include weekly and monthly reports, and where possible include
samples of work done.
3. A final report from the supervisor on a prescribed standard form.
The standard grading applies for the assessment of your industrial training final report. Marks are
allotted for the following components:
Introduction - 5%
Work-based learning experience - 10%
Knowledge and skills applied and gained - 25%
Conclusion - 10%
Presentation and submission of report - 10%
Daily, weekly and month reports (as appendices) – 20%
Oral presentation – 10%
The above contribute 70% of the total marks
8. On-site Supervisor’s evaluation - 30%
1. Introduction (5%)
Marks will be allotted to each subsection discussed, i.e.
- Introduction to the company’s profile, its organization (and where you fit in), the services /
product it provides.
2 Work-based learning experience (10%)
Description of learning outcomes which are related to Industrial Training experience
Linkage to knowledge of practical
3. Knowledge and skills applied and gained (25%)
Additional information and skills observed in the industrial training
Presentation of case study and solution
Comparison of theoretical and practical experiences
4. Conclusion (10%)
concluding remark of industrial training
5. Presentation and submission of report (10%)
Overall presentation and language
Report is clearly structured with sections and headings
References are listed using APA citation style
References are cited in content or body of report
6. Daily, weekly and monthly report (as appendices) (20%)
- Reports is submitted on time
- Daily logs included (tasks assigned/problem solving)
7. Oral presentation (10%)
- Summary of learning outcomes
- Delivery
- Body Language & eye contact
- Visual aids
- Ability to answer Q&A
8. Report from On-site Supervisor (30%)
Please print the standard form for your work supervisor to fill/answer, sign and affix the company
stamp. Include it with your final report.
Please be reminded you are not restricted to any report format or style. You are free to present
your own report format and style so long as you satisfy the stated requirements for reporting.