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Ice cream problem

Names: ________________________________ and ____________________________________
You and your partner are now co-owners of a new Ice
cream parlor called ____________________________.
You plan on serving both hard ice cream on a sugar cone and soft ice cream.
If the radius of the hard ice cream and the soft ice cream are the same, which option do each
of you think will give the customer more ice cream?
Partner 1
Partner 2
The radius of the top of the sugar cone is 2 inches and the height of the sugar
cone is 6 inches. Assuming you are going to stuff the cone with ice cream, how
much ice cream will the customer get if they get a 1 scoop cone? Leave in terms of pi.
2 inches
6 inches
How tall would the soft ice cream have to be on the same cone for it to be the
same amount of ice cream as your hard ice cream cone? Leave in terms of pi.
You find out that the tallest swirl your cones can hold is 7 inches. Is that enough
to match the amount of soft ice cream on 1 cone to the amount of hard ice
Based on your predictions at the beginning, do you think you could charge the
same amount of money for both cones?
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