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Environment shapes brain function

Environment shapes brain function:
Schematic representation of brain plasticity as a complex phenomenon emerging from the plastic
capabilities of microglia and neurons and their interaction. Microglia and neurons modify their
morphology and functionality in response to environmental stimuli, such as exercise, diet, social
interactions, health conditions, and pharmacological treatments. The modifications in these two
cell types are intertwined. For instance, microglial phagocytic activity strongly affects neuronal
spine remodeling while compounds released by neurons influence microglia status. These
processes allow brain function and behavioral outcome to be tuned to the features of the
Steve Sterling I'm not sure about the use of the term "microglial plasticity" it can be misleading. Neurons
can engrain and create new synapses based on repetitive stimulus (Wolf's law).
Microglia although they can be involved in the reuptake and processing of neurotransmitters, which can
be affected by neuronal plasticity this isn't really plasticity.
Microglial cells are more associated with the immune system of the brain. They can become activated
"microglial activation" and we apparently don't have an understanding of the off switch (if there is one)
for this process. Phytoflavinoids (as in NeuroFlam by Apex Energetics) have been shown to calm down
and decrease microglial activity. IMHO
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