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Digital Transformation Strategy Why Some Businesses Fail

2 April 2019
Digital transformation has become the talk of the town and has reshaped a lot of industries. Many
companies are aggressively implementing digital transformation strategies to capture their benefits
at most. In the recent few years, the technological ecosystem has undergone lots of changes. With
the evolution of the latest technologies at a rapid pace, every company or business has the
requirement to embrace its digital transformation services.
What Does Digital Transformation Involve?
According to experts, digital transformation involves adding varying layers pertaining to the
adoption of the latest technologies and change management. It is not an easy task. Until now, large
number of companies are focusing on increasing the pace of adopting digital transformation. These
involve a range of technology from virtual augmentation, artificial intelligence, IoT, machine
learning, cloud computation and mobility to setup disruptive products reinvent business models.
However, with the aim to obtain the required digital transformation goals, modern enterprises
irrespective of their offered products/services and size have to look ahead to adopt effective digital
strategies and transform their business functions. Experts involved in the delivery of digital
transformation services have highlighted the following challenges often faced by modern
enterprises while they step ahead towards digital transformation. Take a look at some of them given
Outdated Procedures
Gone are the days when companies/businesses followed stringent work policies and accomplished
their tasks manually. Most of the global businesses today have connections with one another in the
digital sector. This creates many challenges for them to follow any traditional process and perform
their functions in the form of silos.
With the aim to embrace digital transformation solutions, a large number of organizations
worldwide have stepped ahead adopting key Agile working principles and setting up latest
workplace models to meet the requirements of their employees to adopt modern work methods.
Traditional Work Culture
A major challenge associated with the adoption of digital transformation is that company culture
has to adopt the same technology. Digital transformation, in this case, should essentially be rooted
deeply to be the part of core values possessed by any company.
As traditional cultures are often slow to adopt any change they would require lot of efforts to
implement the new wave. Taking consultation from digital transformation experts can overcome
the challenge and provide the right direction to the organization.
Legacy Infrastructure of a Company
For a long time, IT department/service has played a supportive role, because of which most of the
companies hesitate to update their existing infrastructure based on new IT concepts and devices.
Furthermore, maintenance related to IT infrastructure requires or exceeds about 55% of the
complete IT budget. Since a majority of the existing IT infrastructure sets up from the beginning, a
large number of companies remain under-equipped to deal with innovative technologies and their
Apart from this, the introduction of mobile, social, cloud computation and analytics has created
further difficulties for business organizations to deal with the existing legacy systems. Established
before many years. Hence, the most important step associated with overcoming the mentioned
challenge is to make the investment to upgrade the business/company infrastructure with the aim
to make the system competent enough to manage or adopt changes required to come with effective
digital transformation.
Considering the complexity associated with digital transformation in our mind, it has become
essential to set up a strong foundation or a technological ecosystem drive key changes in an effective
way as possible.
The Time is now!
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Digital Transformation Strategy: Why Some Businesses Fail
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Digital Transformation Strategy: Why Some Businesses Fail
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