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Precious Seconds

Precious Seconds
In the mornings we have precious seconds. They are the moments we choose what the day will be
like. We set an unspoken intention or san culpa. No I don’t really know what ‘san culpa’ means or if
I’m spelling it correctly, but I hear it every night when I listen to my guided meditation. So there it is.
By means of diffusion and repetition I now also know the secrets that that yogic truth holds.
But back to those pivotal morning moments.
What do you do when you wake up?
Do you rush into the shower, do you eat with the speed of a famished fox and then run to work like
roadrunner? Is that what you do? Heck, is that what I do?
But that’s the thing though; when we do that it sets a certain tone for the day. It’s almost like you
can feel that you are handing control of your day over to a third party. Don’t. (DON’T!! in capitals
and with exclamations)
Because you won’t get that control back until you sleep and reset. And then the next day you will
probably do the same again. ‘We are creatures of habit!’ I say in a clichéd and worn-out voice. But
we really-really are. We take the path of least resistance. The one that we have already cleared of
shrubs and obstructions. The one we have already put refreshments and snacks along the way just in
case we get parched or peckish.
If we take care of the minutes, they will take care of the hours, which will take care of months, then
years. Or.
As they say in Tibet, “if you take care of the minutes, the years will take care of themselves.”
Here’s the problem I have with that though. What about the seconds? Who is taking care of them?
And why should we, or you and I, give a crap about them?
Well the seconds are the moments where we make decisions. They are the places where we open
and close windows for possibilities. That’s why they are so precious. I would motion that they are
more important than the minutes, exactly because they are the gatekeepers of our decisions.
So there we go.
Take care of the seconds, because they are the gatekeepers of your potential.