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Declaration of Independence writing assignment

Personal Declaration of Independence: Writing Assignment
Due Date: January 22, 2019 Tuesday
Description of Assignment:
You are to write your own Declaration of Independence using the 1776 Ameri
can Declaration of Independence as your model.
You are to declare your independence from something that is problem for you,
something that makes your life difficult, stressful, or unhappy. The best
pieces of writing come from those who take this piece seriously.
Your declaration must include the same four parts as the American
Declaration does:
Preamble: The reason for the document
 Your truths or beliefs and your relationship to the thing you are breaking
away from.
 Complaints (grievances) against thething you are breaking with.
 Formal declaration of independence from the thing you are breaking
Length: 200 words minimum
Times New Roman, 12 size font, and must be typed.
Rubric for Personal Declaration of Independence:
Contains all four parts10
Follows formatting 5
Neat and legible
Declares reason for the document that shows thought concerning the writer’s
relationship to the topic
on whom the changes suggested in this document
might have an affect.
Is clear and understandable by an outside reader.
Is specific.