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al capone

Al Capone
• Alfonso Gabriel "Great Al" Capone - American Gangster,
which operated in 1920-1930-ies in the Chicago area.
Under cover of the furniture business engaged in
bootlegging, gambling and pimping. Bright representative
of organized crime United States, was born and existing
there under the influence of the Italian Mafia.
• Big Al was born on January 17, 1899 in Naples, the son
of a barber Gabriel Capone and his wife Teresa. Al was
the fourth child in the family. Naples father Capone did
not like, and then he and his family went to conquer
America, as did many people of those years. But
American Dream Gabriel broke as soon as he realized
what it takes to live in this country. They settled in the
Brooklyn area of New York.
Early years
• In five years, Al Capone began
to study in a public school. No
talent, except the ability to fight,
and in the sixth grade, he came
into conflict with the teacher, he
dropped out of school. Due to
the simple observation of
teacher Alfonso almost beat her.
Which was the director of slap
slapped the boy, and the young
hooligan decided that mortally
humiliated in school longer it
appear impossible. Becoming
such a way "free", the boy
immediately got in Brooklyn
street gang "Bim Bums", where
he learned not only with a knife,
but not bad to shoot a gun.
• Al Capone built his business not only
because of him talent, but because of him
ability to benefit from the evils of society.
When the January 17, 1920 in the United
States entered the 18th Amendment to the
Constitution, which declared a "dry law,"
Alfonso Capone has worked as an assistant
leader of a large criminal clan Giacomo
"Big Jim" Kolosimo. Kolosimo not see
perspectives and not engage in clandestine
trade in alcohol . Free niche immediately
took the ambitious nephew Kolosimo Johnny Torrio. Very quickly, he got rid of
Uncle and began Al Capone did his closest
associate. Together they launched a storm of
activity on sale of "firewater", controlling
the supply of alcohol from abroad and
underground production in Chicago. Torrio
and Capone became rich with each passing
day. Weekly Only Al Capone received up to
25 thousand dollars, and soon annual
revenues Empire Capone-Torrio was 60
million dollars.
Saint Valentine's Day Massacre is one of
the biggest events associated with the name
of Al Capone. The main purpose of it was
the assassination of Bugs Moran, a leader
was operating in the north of the Chicago
Irish factions and rival of Capone
bootlegging. A well-planned - as in the
classic crime films about gangsters massacre took place in 1929.
During the massacre was released about a
thousand bullets. One of the Irish, get
twenty bullet wounds, remained alive for a
few more hours. However, the questions
arrived after the shooting of police officers
as to who committed the crime, he did not
Saint Valentine's Day
• It is believed that Al Capone first
invented and implemented fraudulent
scheme, which later became known as
"money laundering". Huge income
derived from the smuggling of alcohol,
it was necessary to legislate. To do this,
Capone built a network of laundries in
which customers are served at very low
prices. And as in the major US cities is
still pending washed houses, the
number of customers in laundries Al
Capone was impossible to calculate,
and accordingly, the proceeds of a new
kind of business you can record any.
• The phrase "money laundering" was
first used by the newspapers in 1973
during the Watergate scandal, and nine
years later officially became a legal
Laundering of money
In November 1931 he was
sentenced to 11-year term and a
heavy fine and payment of court
costs. At first, he served time in
Atlanta, where he could not
control his subordinates, then it
altogether isolated, imprisoned
for the island of Alcatraz. By the
time he was released from
prison, his health was
irreversibly undermined
Non-payment of taxes
• January 25th, 1947 Al Capone died in his Florida home.
Because his body was taken to Florida to Chicago, where
the coffin with the deceased surrounded by dozens of
armed gangsters were transported to the cemetery and
buried under a headstone bearing the name of someone
else - such was the desire of the family of the deceased.
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