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ISWE Assignment

3.0 Introduction
This system is designed to aid the staff in managing their daily operations of Kuala
Lumpur Heights Condominium Clubhouse. It currently offers various facilities and
training courses for its residences. It will be used to accomplish tasks like booking time
slots for facilities, accessing information, making payment along with various other tasks
with greater ease than before. In the past these tasks were recorded manually before they
were put into an excel file in a computer. With this new system, information needing to
be recorded will be stored directly into the system without the need of noting it down
first before entering into the excel records. Management is also made easier as tasks like
allocating time slots or accessing specific information can be done easily with the click of
a button. Whereas before the information needed to be searched manually through the
record books.
The main purpose of this system is to avoid manual filing systems and paperwork by
digitizing the whole system. Thus, both time and resources would be saved. This system
is an application-based system which would be available in the computer of the
receptionist or the computers of high-level management. The receptionist or staff would
be able to record time slots, register new staff and manage the various requests and
enquiries of the residences. While higher level management would be able to access
reports for daily, weekly or monthly booking and coaching services.
Implementation stage is the process of converting the specification of the system into
executable system.
The first step would be to show the finished physical design to the client and check if all the
required and minimum requirements are met. If given the approval, then we move on to
give the system design to the developers so that they can be coded. Below are the
programming code used to implement Kuala Lumpur Heights Condominium Club House
system and requirements:
Programming code
 Javascript
 Personal Homepage (PHP)
 Structured query Language (SQL)
 HyperText Marketing Language (HTML)
 Cascading Syle Sheet (CSS)
The requirement needed to do the coding were:
 Printer
 Computer with 4GB RAM, Windows 10, i5
 Visual Basic Software
 Aptana Studio 3
The Second step would be to check if the computer at the club house can support the
software or not. If it doesn’t, then new computers have to be bought within the budget
allocated by the client which is RM5,000. By checking of the available of the computer it is
seen that all the computers at the reception and the computers at the Administrative Office
meet the minimum requirements for the software. But the two computers in the lobby area
are not compatible. The software of the system needs at least an i3 processor whereas
those two computers were running the very old Pentium processors. So, we decided to buy
two new computers to replace them.
The third and final step was to hire two technical expertise who will be taught all about the
system and trained how to use them. Later, they will be in charge of teaching all the staff
and managers at the clubhouse about how to use the new system and whatnot.
Below are the specifications for the two computer we bought for the lobby in order to
deploy the system:
 Windows 8 Professional
 Core i5 6500, 4 cored 3.2Ghz Processor
 HD Graphics 530
 1 stick of ddr3 PC3-8500, 1600MHz
 500MB HDD
 2 routers
 1 Printer
We kept in mind to buy the most standard and cost-effective computers as they will be only
used for the purpose of using the system and will probably be not doing high performance
need tasks. The client had also specially mentioned to use as least as possible from the
budget. So that was also one of the most influential factors. Below are the detailed pricing
of the hardware we had bought along with other costs relating to implementation of the
Hardware costs:
Windows 8 Professional X 2
Price (RM)
Total (RM)
RM 300
Core i5 6500, 4 cored
3.2Ghz Processor X 2
1 stick of ddr3 PC3-8500 X
500MB HDD X 2
RM 70
RM 140
RM 300
RM 30
RM 60
RM 2600
Other Expenditures
Monthly Salary of
Technical Team
Maintenance Costs per
Total Monthly Costs
RM 200
RM 1200
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