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Falling From Grace

Ql. On page one, readers are braced for a tale in which "the ocean didn't stop where it was
meant to, it came right on over and swept into the bay". What are we meant to feel and
expect at this early stage?
The quote describing the ocean is meant to tell the audience that things were not as the
seem, that rules can be broken.
The book is setting the scene and letting the audience know that usually the area is peaceful
but on this day something was different.
Q2. Annie sees herself as a very different person to her sister, Grace. Explain how the girls
are different and use a quotation to support your answer.
Annie describes Grace as younger than herself even though Grace was older by 11 months.
Annie says that Grace would get lost, she loves animals and “you can’t pin Grace down on
anything.” Annie makes Grace sounds like a Dreamer. Annie seem very practical and
logical compared to Grace.
Q3. How does Kip introduce the "kid"? How are we made to feel at the end of page 5?
Kip describes seeing the kid like a music video “yit was a bit like a music video, the way I
saw it”. The audience is made to feel confused and uncertain, a mystery waiting to be
Q4. The weather changes significantly from page 4 to page 7- how might this be seen as a
warning of what is to come?
A storm is over the bay with dark clouds. This is a warning that bad things are on their way.
That stormy time is ahead.
QS. Outline Kip's first impressions of Ted. (Use a quotation to support your answer)
When Kip first meets Ted he thinks he looks like Nick Cave - an old musician or reality TV
star “he had a dark face and black hair and really green eyes”. It is only at the end of their
meeting that Kip realises that Ted is drunk.
Q6. Annie notices that: "The sky kept changing." (p.18) How is the changeable weather used
to represent the storyline at this point?
The weather represents the drama with the backpack, Grace stumbling on the rocks and the
penguin trapped in the backpack. The waves crashing on the rocks makes everything harder
and they must race against the storm and the darkness.
Q7. Kip admits that he worries about a lot of things. Outline his concerns.
Q8. Explain why Kip made the decision to stop swimming. (Use a quotation to support your
“I worry about lots of things. Big things and little things”. Kip worries about terrorists, drought,
global warming, and not getting a girlfriend.
Q9. What leads Kip to state: "My stars must have said, 'Monday: watch out for angry
people."'? (p. 25)
When Kip finds the backapck and the phone ringing he answers it. In trying to explain how
he found the backpack and who he was to Grace and Annie’s father Kip thinks to himself
“My stars must have said Monday:watch out for angry people”.
Ql0. How is the storm used to heighten the tension and dangerous twists of the novel?
As the tension gets bigger so too does the storm.
Qll. Describe how the backpack ends up in Kip's possession.
Kip was about to turn up the cliff track when he heard a beeping sound coming from the
water. He took off his shoes and grabbed the backpack that was floating in the water.
Ql2. Outline Kip's feelings towards Ted at this stage. (Use a quotation to support your
Kip thought Ted was a “complete lunatic” at this stage and doubts much of what he says
despite Ted allowing him to use his phone to call his Mum. “ I didn’t want to go into this weird
guys house.”