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Five big data trends forecasted for 2019

Top trends in Big Data in 2019
Big Data deals with large chunks of data set and analyzes it to make patterns or trends used for
insights and many other purposes. The data keeps growing at a rapid pace with each day
passing by and this demands a need for big data solutions to streamline and manage the data.
Since most of today’s businesses are data-driven, they are in a great need for big data services.
Back to the time when Big Data has just laid its roots, this technology was affordable only to
organizations of greater scale. Organizations with skilled manpower and has channels to collect,
store and analyze data could only go for it. However, now the situation has changed entirely.
Even small-scale organizations are accessible to big data services. This technology extending to
cloud made it further easier for organizations of different scales to take advantage of it.
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It is true that the data has been increasing a lot, but most of it is unstructured data. What
happens if we cannot obtain any actionable insights from all the unstructured data we have?
This is a big challenge to the use of growing data. Here Big Data comes into the picture. It
creates a great opportunity for business to convert their unstructured data into actionable
insights and helping in their business growth.
Let us look at the Top Big Data trends in 2019 and a few years ahead.
Quantum computing – The next big thing
Even though there are many tools to analyze and interpret data, it is challenging at times. But,
not anymore with quantum computing. Quantum computing is emerging as the next big thing
in the field of analytics and big data. Quantum computing helps in making timely decisions and
reduces the time a lot. Many tech giants are already working to build a quantum computer.
Using Quantum computing, we can do data encryption, and get real-time solutions easily.
The Internet of Things – a buzz
One of the most heard trends for a couple of years – Internet of Things (IoT). In this internet
driven world, not just mobiles but also many devices are getting access to the internet. This all
comes under the Internet of Things. For example, Google home, Alexa is an example of an IoT.
Even Facebook and many other companies are working to develop a similar system and many
IoT devices.
Image source: Unsplash (IoT)
But, does this in any way matter to Big Data? Yes, it does. A lot of data will be produced from
these devices. This large data has to be structured into actionable insights by different tracking
patterns, trends, customer analysis, etc.
Predictive analytics – the future of marketing
Predictive analytics has been gaining much importance these days although it has been around
for a while. Organizations started realizing its true potential. Predictive consumer behavior
helps companies tailor their product or service according to the interest of the consumer and
helps in the growth of their product/service sales. There are many industries where it can play a
key role, for instance, we can predict the failure of the manufacturing equipment or any
medical equipment.
Image source: Unsplash (Analytics)
Rise of Dark data
Data plays a great role in any industry or company. However, there is much data that cannot be
used for analysis or making any decisions – such data is termed as “Dark Data”. Even though
dark data is rising, with the help of Big Data Analytics, this can be converted into digital form
and can be used for analysis on the cloud. The chance of data being lost and any potential
security risk can be subsidized from the dark data.
Surge in Open source data tools
In recent times, there is a quick increase in the number of open-source tools. Many free and
open source tools are already available on the cloud and many are being uploaded. Tools like
Hadoop, Cassandra etc. will come to the forefront and these will come as an upgrade to the
existing one. In addition, the open source tools are much cheaper than the licensed ones and
are a greater benefit to the small and medium-sized enterprises.
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