VIT - Victorian Institute Of Technology

The Challenges and Various goals in
Higher Education System at VIT
( Victorian Institute Of Technology )
A teacher helps student formally. In formal education, they help to pass on knowledge and skills to
the students. This process is important and well known. Teachers can motivate their students to get
an education. They can easily transfer their skills to the students. Here one can not deny the
importance of good teachers, for a teacher can only give to an educated nation. Teachers can help
students by sharing life experiences and skills with others. In VIT educational process is chosen by
those who have the resources and the time to learn.
Education is a process of transferring knowledge, skills, values and abilities from one person to
another. It is a social activity that helps develop a person's personality. In this activity, the man can
find a clear picture and a right direction of his life. And can also play a better role in his personal and
social life. VIT Education gives it meaning to life.
There are different goals for getting an education. For example, education helps to maintain a
person's social and financial life. One of the important goals of Vit education is to contribute to the
reduction of poverty and unemployment and the development of a strong society. Education
benefits not only the man, but all his family and his generation. Education helps to take care of the
personality. It is helpful to reduce crime, because if a person is educated and the desired
qualifications are acquired over time, they can do a good job that will help them financially later and
will not be taken by negative sources. also in its capabilities, which later leads to good results in the
form of a healthier society.
Service Schedule
1. English language Support every week on Wednesday, two hours session (2.00pm to 4.00pm)
2. Learning and Academic Skills Support Every month on week four, Thursday, two hours session
(5.00pm to 7.00pm)
3. Library Services Monday to Friday - 9:00AM to 5:30PM Saturday - 9:00 AM to 2:00PM
4. Emergency and Security Information Ongoing
5. Arrival Information On arrival (on request) and during orientation
6. Career Services Ongoing and on request
7. Counselling and Other Services On reques
VIT Student Services
VIT provides a dedicated student services officer who can help our students with all aspects of their
academic and any other personal problems. To seek help in such matter just contact the student
services officer at VIT.
You can contact student services for the following reasons:
Academic Assistance
General Enquiries
Formal letters
Study Guidelines
Immigration Enquires
Any difficulties with your study
Visa Assistance
Work Permit
Tax File
Health care
Some of the Training courses involved in VIT (Victorian Institute Of Technology) institute are:
Hospitality Training in Australia
Diploma in Information Technology in Australia
BITS Australia
Master of Information Technology Australia
Professional Certification Training Australia
Multimedia Courses in Australia
MBA Australia
english courses melbourne
patisserie Australia
Cookery Australia
Do you know the educational process in VIT
The education process depends on the channels through which knowledge and skills are transferred
to different people. But this process depends on the resources a person has. Two main factors play a
role in this process. These are teachers and technology.
Role of information technologies in education
Information technology also plays an important role in the educational process. This helps the
students solve their learning problems. Now, thanks to information technology, the world is
becoming a global village. A student receives help from international teachers and teachers via the
Internet. With the help of technology, students are more interested in studying. This helps them to
solve their problems faster and more precisely. These days, online courses also help students teach
at home no matter where you come from, they can easily get information and knowledge from
around the world. In developing countries, students benefit more from this opportunity because
they lack the resources and time they can not afford to study. However, this is possible thanks to the
technology with which they can obtain knowledge in a shorter time. Radio, cell phones and the
internet are becoming a necessity in informal and formal education.
How education can change : Training is an investment that costs time and money. It's an intangible
product, but it's worth it. This is at least the opinion of Benjamin , who wrote: "If a man empties his
purse in his head, no man can take him, an investment in knowledge still bears fruit."
Education is more than just a schoolor Institute education. It's holistic and includes all life. Everyone
you meet knows something you do not know. We are all unique windows in the world. We learn by
paying attention to others, are humble and willing to connect with something other than ourselves.
Education goes beyond the ability to increase income. Studies show that the more education you
have, the higher your salary. However, the broader meaning of education is that it improves your
quality of life. This allows you to think of thoughts you would not have thought otherwise.
Education costs a little, but the return on time and money is worth it. Education is not a chore, but
an exciting adventure that lasts a lifetime. Whenever you learn something new, you grow up.
Investing in education means investing in oneself and in people who are positively influenced by
Effective teaching practices in teaching value creation range from storytelling to exhibitions, skits,
one-act games and group discussions, and more. Education scientists have developed new methods
to create an effective learning environment. The use of electronic devices is also gaining importance
in the teaching-learning practices of value Vit training. In higher education, the importance of vit
education is not as important for a variety of reasons as at the school level. The curriculum and
teaching methods could also be reviewed. It is true that colleges are destined for some kind of
specialization in a particular field of Vit education.
In the Australian social context, however, young people need advice and guidance right now. At this
point, they have faced various challenges that require educator intervention to improve. His
character accumulation is also growing at this stage. The perception of students about different life
factors and events is formed at this time. On the whole, they develop their own philosophy of life.
Your sensitivity and your knowledge will receive direction at this stage. Therefore, an effective value
orientation is essential for students. In light of this requirement, Australia has put in place a
mandatory course document on value creation for students at all colleges across the state, as part of
the choice-based credit system. Although this type of effort is undertaken with the good intention of
communicating values to young people, many limitations have been encountered in achieving the
expected result.
For getting more information visit here VIT - Victorian Institute of Technology.
14/123 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
1300 17 17 55 (or) [email protected]
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