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Natural Selection

Circle the correct answer(s)
1. In an experiment the ____ is manipulated by the researcher(s)
A. Dependent Variable
B. Independent Variable
C. Control
2. _____ is when plants and animals are bred to keep desirable traits and get rid of
unwanted ones.
A. Natural Selection
B. Artificial Characteristics
C. Artificial Selection
3. Evolution is broadly described by Darwin as?
A. The passing of acquired characteristics to offspring
B. Descent with modification
C. A way to classify individuals
4. The correct order of the geological eras, from most ancient to the most recent is
A. Paleozoic, Mesozoic, Cenozoic
B. Mesozoic, Paleozoic, Cenozoic
C. Cenozoic, Mesozoic, Paleozoic
5, What is the approximate age of Earth?
A. 3.5 billion years
B. 4.6 billion years
C. 1 billion years
6.The elimination of a large number of species throughout Earth, due to global
environmental changes is
A. Mass Extinction
B. Evolution
C. Natural Selection
7. Two species of frogs live in pond. The two species never interbreed because species A
breeds in the summer and species B breeds in the early spring. What type of reproductive
barrier is this?
A. Prezygotic/Mechanical
B. Postzygotic/Temporal
C. Prezygotic/Temporal
8. Structure in an organism that has lost most, or all its function is what kind of structure
A. Homologous Structure
B. Vestigial Structure
C. Analogous Structure
9. Which of these principles is NOT part of Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural
A. Evolution is a gradual process that occurs over long periods of
B. Variation occurs among individuals in a population
C. Mutations are the ultimate source of genetic variation
10, Why should an experiment be repeated?
A. To reduce the chance of error
B. To identify the problem
C. To form a hypothesis
11. A river separates a population of rabbits. They form a new species. This is an
example of
A. Sympatric Speciation
B. Allopatric Speciation
C. Disruptive Selection
12. All the genes of all members of a particular population make up the
A. Genotype
B. Phenotype
C. Gene Pool
13. The separation of a population of trees by a mountain is called
A. Geographical isolation
B. Temporal Isolation
C. Behavioral Isolation
14. Scientist used what type of evidence to prove that all of Earth’s continents were once
A. Fossils
B. Rock Formations
C. Both A & B
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