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Bennett Joshua TR Lsn4FE Analyzing Using Summative Assessment Results

Name: Bennett, Joshua
Field Experience: Analyzing & Using Summative Assessment Results
Directions: Gather two student work samples from the same assessment, along with
a copy of the lesson plan(s) for the unit. Compare the student work to the lesson
plan(s). In the chart below, record lesson plan modifications that will support
student mastery of the overall learning target. Use the Strengthening Lessons with a
Student Work Protocol video as a reference.
NOTE: If you are not teaching and are not yet placed with a mentor, attempt to complete as you
volunteer. If this is not possible, complete once you are placed with a mentor. Once placed,
remember to return and complete this assignment, and place in the appropriate Dropbox.
Learning Target:
Learning Task
Content or
(formative and/or
Integrate visual information (e.g., in charts, graphs,
photographs, videos, or maps) with other information
in print and digital texts.
I assigned to create at
least 3 visual aids for
their presentation.
There wasn’t enough
time for many to create
quality visual aids, so I
would limit it to 2 next
Students had to make a
presentation that would
be presented in front og
the classroom. In this
case we were making
posters and did not have
large paper. It was very
difficult to see, so we
need to prepare better
for next time.
Student did a self postassessment, however I
would definitely include
a pre self-assessment in
the future.
How the
will help:
I think that rather than rushing,
student will have more time to
focus on quality work.
How the
will help:
Since the assignment is to make
a presentation and a visual aid is
essential to the communication
of the ideas, a large rpaper is a
simple yet important
modification that will make this
project communicable.
How the
will help:
Self assessment are great
reflection tools, however it is
more beneficial to reflect if you
already have written data from a
pre self assesment.