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Anthem Chapters 2-4 Jigsaw Notes

Anthem Chapters 2 through 4 Jigsaw Notes
Do your notes on a Google Doc and share with Mrs. Smeltzer. Be certain to include the
first and last names of each student in your group.
Summary: Group One
Write one paragraph per chapter. (5-12 sentences per paragraph).
Chapter Two:
Chapter Three:
Chapter Four:
Setting: Group Two
Write one 8-12 sentence paragraph over the setting of the book in the chapter(s).
Character Tracking: Group Three
Write one to three sentences per character tracked.
Point of View: Group Four
Write one 8-12 sentence paragraph over the point of view the novel is written in.
Syntax and Diction: Group Five
Write one 8-12 sentence paragraph over the syntax and diction the novel is written with.
Themes and Deeper Meanings: Group Six
Write five to ten sentences about each of the themes listed using examples from the text. Note
page numbers in correct MLA citation format.
Importance of Self Identity:
The Dangers of Totalitarian Government:
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely:
The Power of Love:
The Power of Shame: