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Lab Insulators and conductors + Simple Circuits

Lab: Investigating Electric currents and circuits
2 light bulb brackets
2 bulbs
3 D-cell batteries
4 wires
1 bracket board
Various testing materials
Part 1: Simple Circuit
What three things do all basic circuits need?
Part 2: Conductors / Insulators
Place a battery in the bracket board. Connect a wire to one end and then to a light
bulb bracket. Connect a second wire to the other end of the battery bracket and a
third wire to the other end of the light bulb bracket. By touching the two open
ends of the wire, you will make the bulb light because wires are conductors and
will allow the current to flow.
What else is a conductor?
Make a prediction for all items in the table below and then test it by touching
both free wires to opposite ends of it.
Object to be tested
(Insulator / Conductor)
Actual Classification