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Final exam study Guide (1)

MAY 2018
ENGL 447
Dr. Haleema Al A’ali
Final exam study guide
You should be able to demonstrate understanding of the following
sociolinguistic concepts*:
1. Pidgins and Creols (meaning, features, processes of pidinisation and
creolization, examples of pidgin and creole languages (such as tok pisin,
AAVE, and GAP)
2. Language and Culture:
 Concepts of ideology & culture
 Language attitudes/stereotypes (you might be asked to give one or two
examples of studies on language attitude),
 Sapir-whorf Hypothesis
 Translatability (e.g. Translating Arabic culture-specific concepts)
3. Language and Identity: meanings of identity, types of identities, Social
Identity, Linguistic Identity, etc.
4. Language and gender:
 gender stereotypes,
 gender roles
 sexism,
 sex vs gender,
 Language and gender Theories
o Dominance (Lakoff)
o Difference (Deborah Tannen’s theory),
o The social construction of gender (Butler’s performativity theory,
gendered identities).
*You may be asked to provide examples and references from/to your own context or language.