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Mass movement PPQs

Mass movement hazards – Paper 3 past paper questions
Nov 16 (22)
Explain how human activities can contribute to the nature and causes of hazardous mass
movements on slopes. [10]
Nov 16 (21)
Describe the nature and explain the causes of two types of hazardous mass movement. [10]
June 16 (21)
Describe how mass movements can be monitored. Assess the possible effects of one type of mass
movement on lives and property. [15]
June 16 (22)
Describe the causes of instability on slopes. With the aid of diagrams, explain how instability can
result in two different types of mass movement. [10]
June 15 (23)
Photograph B shows a major mass movement and its impact.
Describe and explain the mass movement shown in Photograph B.
Nov 14 (22)
Fig. 3 shows the development of a landslide on a cliff or river bluff.
Explain the factors and processes which cause such a landslide.
Mass movement hazards – Paper 3 past paper questions
June 14 (21)
Describe one type of hazardous mass movement and explain how it is caused. Describe the nature of
its hazardous effects. (10)
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