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Cube and Cuboid Test Exercise

Cube and Cuboid Test Exercise
Part A
1. Ratio of length, width and height of a cuboid is 4 : 3 : 2. If surface area of cuboid is 832 cm 2.
Calculate its volume
2. Length, width and height of a cuboid container are 3 m, 1.5 m, and 2 m respectively. If 2/5 of the
container is filled with water, then volume of water is … ml
3. Edge of a cube is 20 cm. The length of space diagonal is …
4. A bathroom has a cuboid water vessel with the interior dimension of 60 cm x 50 cm x 80 cm. If the
vessel filled with water using a water faucet with ability to fill 3 liters/minute. How long will the
vessel be fullfilled of water?
5. Known cuboid ABCDEFGH. Area ABCD is 48 cm2, area ABFE 32 cm2, and BCGF is 24 cm2. The volume
is …
6. Length of a cuboid is 16 cm, width is 12 cm. If one of its space diagonal is 52 cm, calculate the
volume of cuboid?
7. Length and width of a cuboid is 16 cm and 12 cm. If the surface area is 888 cm 2, the height of
cuboid is
8. An open rectangular tank of base 12 x 6 x 3 cm high contains water up to half its height. If an iron
cube of edge 4 cm put into the water. What mm will the water surface increased?
9. Surface area of a cube is 1350 cm2, the volume is …. cm3
10. If the edge of a cube was decreased by 2 cm, a cube of surface area decreased 168 cm2 will be
formed, what is the volume of original cube?
11. Space diagonal of cube ABCDEFGH is 27 cm. Find its volume
12. A solid cube has edge of 20 cm. This candle was melted and formed into a cuboid candle with
length, width, and height of ratio 4 : 2 : 1. What is the surface area of cuboid candle?
13. Eric is going to make a cuboid from a piece of wire, with length, width, and height of 15 cm, 12 cm,
and 9 cm. If he has 10 meters of wire, how many cuboid can Eric make? Calculate the remaining if
14. Surface area of cuboid PQRSTUVW is 512 cm2. If base of cuboid is a square and height of cuboid is 12
cm, evaluate side of the square
15. The walls of a cuboid room is going to be painted. If length, width and height of the room is 5
meters, 2.5 meters, and 4 meters, and the cost of paint is Rp 85000 /m 2, calculate the cost to paint
the room
16. Face diagonal of cube ABCDEFGH is 12 cm. Calculate the surface area and volume
17. Edge of two cubes is 2 and 4 cm respectively, Calculate the ratio of : a. Volume b. Surface area
18. Length of a wire is 108 cm. It will be used to make two cubes. First cube has 125 cm3 volume.
Evaluate the surface area of the second cube
19. Volume of cube is 54√2 cm3, calculate the surface area of the cube
20. A cube has edge of 18 cm, calculate the area of diagonal plane
21. What is the length of a wire needed to make a cube which edge is 7.5 cm?
22. A cubical wood is going to be wrapped by some carbon fiber. If the cube’s edge is 15 cm and the
price of the carbon fiber is Rp 500.000/m2, calculate the price that must be paid?
Part B
Calculate the surface area of these figures :
A post is going to be built like picture below.
The height of the wall is 5 m, so calculate the
volume of the post