Chem Ch. 12 Study Guide (12.1)

Chapter 12: Stoichiometry
Study Guide
Section 12.1 What is stoichiometry?
1. A flame burning is a
a. Explain this reaction
between the fire and the air in the room
2. In many cases, reactions will keep going until one of the
is used up.
3. The study of quantitative relationships between amounts of reactants used and products formed by a
chemical reaction is called
a. What does this mean?
4. Stoichiometry is based around the concept of the
a. What does it state?
b. We oftentimes end up with different things then we started with but the amount
present at the end of the reaction is the same as at the beginning
5. Stoichiometry is understanding the relationship between the
6. Write the reaction between iron and oxygen gas:
7. What can we tell just by looking at this equation?
8. What about the number of moles in this formula?
9. How would we determine the mass? Does the law of conservation of mass hold up?
10. As we just talked about, the
in a reaction tell us how many moles of each
substance are being reacted together
a. We can use the relationships between coefficients to write
b. What is a mole ratio?
c. Ex.
Write the different types of mole ratios that can be written from the formula:
2Al(s) + 3Br2(l) → 2AlBr3(s)
11. How do we know the possible number of mole ratios?
12. Determine the number of mole ratios for a reaction containing 4 species