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What is the Land of Bitter and Sour

What is the Land of Bitter and Sour?i
It looks a lot like this:
Waking up late and filled with dread.
Walking around angry.
Yelling and snapping a lot.
Feeling resentful of what other people have and do.
Extremely tired and lacking motivation.
Dreaming of quitting it all.
Feeling hard and inflexible about everything.
Saying no to almost everything.
But what I can tell is this:
You’re tired because you’re so busy trying to create the perfect life … that you forgot you already have
You will get that break you need as soon as you start releasing some of those high expectations you have
on what happiness really means.
You’re tired because you’re filling up your calendar with activities, to-dos that are really based on a life
you want to have rather than the one you already have right now.
You’re tired because you’re consumed by the fear of imperfection — both your child’s and your own —
and it’s keeping you captive.
You’re tired because you’re numbing out on social media instead of turning inward and asking yourself
what you really need right now.
Being in the Land of Bitter and Sour is normal in various seasons of our lives. Don’t let anyone ever make you feel
bad for it. Just own it and move through it. The great thing is that it’s never too late to stop all this perfectionchasing.
You are in control of your life and your JOY.
You hold all the secrets within you to release all of those shoulds and coulds that consume your
everyday……….You have joy inside of you and you can unearth it and claim it and expand it.