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3 tier bank vault security

3 Tier Bank Vault Security
Rahul Bhatt
Hiren Kanzariya
Computer Engineering
Universal College of Engineering
Vasai, Thane 401 212
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Computer Engineering
Universal College of Engineering
Vasai, Thane 401 212
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Kewal Thakkar
Asst. Prof. Sridhar Iyer
Computer Engineering
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Computer Engineering
Universal College of Engineering
Vasai, Thane 401 212
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Abstract-People always look for safe places to keep their valuable
items and cash. Most of the people find banks as the most trusted
place to store their valuables. The valuable assets stored in bank
vaults often attract interests of burglars; due to this reason the
bank security has been a very important factor to assure
customers that their assets are safe. Biometrics validation, keypad
locks, Burglar alarms, and armed security have been traditionally
used by banks all over the world. This proposal aims at
automating the bank security as well as automatically traps the
burglar if he tries to breach security. We will be using two doors in
our project instead of traditional approach of using single door for
bank vault, the first door will have biometrics or keypad based
entry, when the first door is opened a software system will get
triggered, as soon as the person enters the first door, he will face
the second door, the second door will have camera with image
processing capability. This camera will detect a person’s face, and
if that person is an authorized person he will get an OTP on his
phone which will serve as the password for second door. If the
person is an unauthorized person and if he breaches security at
first door, he will be unaware of the OTP and image processing, so
if he tries to enter password in second door, the first door will get
closed automatically, and the person will get trapped. Thus this
proposed system will help to safeguard bank vault in a better way.
Keywords- bank Vaults, OTP, RFID, GSM, IP cameras, Arduino
UNO microcontroller, Arduino camera module OV7670,
Fingerprint Module, DC Motor, Image processing, buzzer.
People always care for their belongings from the start of time.
As the world progressed the concept of bank came into picture.
People always consider Banks as the safest place to store their
valuables. More and more people use banks to store their
valuables in bank nowadays, this has led to increased flow of
cash in banks. The valuables and cash deposited by bank as
well as the cash earned by the bank are all stored in a safe place
in bank called as bank vault. The increasing flow of cash has
increased the interests of burglars in bank. Nowadays with
increasing Technology at a very fast pace even burglars use
advanced technologies to attack and rob bank vaults. So bank
Vaults are more susceptible to such attacks. As robbers used
advanced technologies to Rob bank it is the need of the day to
tackle them using smart technologies. This proposal aims at
efficiently tackling burglars using advanced technology.
This system uses two doors instead of one door for bank vaults
which has been used traditionally. The first door will have
biometric based entry. And the second door will have a camera
with image processing ability and a keypad lock with OTP
module. Thus this proposed system will efficiently counter the
burglars by using the advanced technology.
Existing bank vault security system is implemented using
various types of technology. Current bank vault security
systems provide access to authorized people based on
passwords using keypads. Another type of security System
based on RFID and GSM technology. But, the RFID card can
be stolen /duplicated/misplaced easily and more time
consuming when sending messages through the GSM. Along
with these bank vaults have also been using Thermal powered
alarms and motion detection and sensing for securing Bank
Vaults. IP cameras have also been used for surveillance on
bank vaults. GSM based security and authentication have also
been widely used these days to inform the authorized user about
the activities in vault. Laser based detection and tear gas have
also been used in some of the places in order to tackle burglars
away from bank vaults.
There have been a lot of research work done in the bank vault
security domain. Some of the research works in papers are
mentioned below.
In [1], Sayemul Islam and Md. Saiduzzaman have proposed a
system named Design of a Bank Vault Security System with
Password, Thermal & Physical Interrupt Alarm. This system
will give protection against burglars using Thermal detection
technique and physical interrupt Alarm. As soon as a Thief tries
to break in system he an alarm will go on and law enforcement
policies will be informed about it.
In [2], GSM Based Bank Vault Security System, Authors Ripan
Kumar Ray, Muhammad Afsar Uddin, Syed Foysol Islam. This
is a system designed to protect bank vault from unauthorized
access. This system has incorporated IP cameras, motion
sensors and GSM module. If motion detectors detect anything
suspicious in vault it alerts the user by sending message to a
dedicated number via GSM module.
In [3], OTP (One Time Password) Based Locker System, By
Meha Brahmbhatt and Vishva Pandya The project aims to
change the existing system and automate the locker system
using Unique ID/Password for customer identification. Every
customer will be given a unique Id which he has to enter on the
main entrance of the locker room, once they enter unique id,
they will be given an OTP which has to be entered on the
In [4], Bank Locker Security System based on RFID and GSM
Technology, Authors R.Ramani, S.Valarmathy, S. Selvaraju,
P.Niranjan.In this system an RFID reader is used to read the
RFID tag. Once the tag is read it displays username on screen
and then user needs to enter the password. This password is
compared by microcontroller and if it is valid then an OTP is
sent on that users mobile, the user then needs to enter this
password again to enter the vault.
In [6], Self-Powered and Reusable Biocomputing Security
Keypad Lock System Based on Biofuel Cells by Ming Zhou,
Xiliang Zheng, Jin Wang Prof., Shaojun Dong Prof. This
project has the idea of making a self powering keypad by
binding chemistry. It uses enzymes, AER to self power the
In [7], RFID based security and access control system using
arduino with gsm module by Grewal Kaushal, Rishabh Mishra,
Neelam Chaurasiya, Paramdeep Singh, in this project When
RFID tag placed on the RFID. In this project when an RFID tag
is placed on a reader the reader reds its code, and compares it
with the predetermined stored code according to pattern if the
code matches then the user is granted access, if not then the
alarm is triggered.
In [8], RFID based School Bus tracking and security system by
Shraddha Shah and Bharti Singh , This paper provides an Rfid
based solution for security of students travelling from school
bus. Each student will have an rfid tag in identity card as soon
as the student boards the bus this card will be scanned and
parents will be informed about boarding time, time when the
child reached school etc. In this way this project ensures safety
of the students travelling from school bus.
In [9], RFID based Kindergarten Intelligence security system
by Zhiyuan Fang, Li Wei, Li Wei. This paper aims at achieving
security in school environment by using rfid tags on school
uniforms. This project helps teacher to monitor the movements
and whereabouts of kids in school. This project can also be
used in Kindergarten for security as well as analysis purposes.
In [10], Using Digital Image Processing to Make an Intelligent
Gate by Sundus K. E. and AL Mamare S. H. This paper used
Image processing and face detection to control the gates of
Building and organizations. The camera processes the face of a
person who wants to enter and checks it if the person is an
authorized person then the gate is opened automatically.
The proposed system “3 tier bank vault security” is a system
which is aimed to safeguard the bank vault from burglars.
Along with safeguarding the bank vault it also aims at trapping
the burglar inside the vault if he enters the vault. So This
proposed system uses two doors instead of one door which is
traditionally being used by vault security. The first door will
have a biometric based entry if a person is authorized at first
door then he will get access to the second door. All the
components will be interfaced to Arduino UNO
microcontroller. The second door will have Arduino camera
moduleOV7670 which has Image processing capability, it will
detect the face of the person, if the face is authorized then it
will send an OTP to that person’s cell phone which will serve
as password for second door. If the face is unauthorized and he
tries to enter pin on keypad of second door, then first door will
automatically get closed and the person will get trapped inside.
Thus the proposed system will not only prevent burglars from
accessing vault but also trap them if they breach the security at
first door.
In this section components describe briefly.
A. Arduino UNO
The Arduino UNO is a microcontroller board based on
the ATmega328P. It has 14 digital input/output pins (of which
6 can be used as PWM outputs), 6 analog inputs, a 16 MHz
quartz crystal. Its input voltage is 6-20V, flash memory 32 KB.
This module is very important module it connects to the keypad
and the stepper motor of the two doors.
B. Arduino Camera Module
Arduino Camera Module (OV7670) image sensor, small
volume, low operating voltage, providing all functions of a
single chip of VGA camera and image processor. Through
SCCB bus control, the sensor can output the whole frame,
sampling, and various resolution 8 bits of data. The product
VGA image can reach up to a maximum of 30 frames per
second. Users can completely control the image quality, data
format and transmission mode. All the process of image
processing functions can be through the SCCB programming
interface. We will be using this module to detect face and send
C. Fingerprint Module
Fingerprints are one of several forms of biometrics, used to
recognize persons and verify their identity. The analysis of
fingerprints for identical purposes generally requires the
similarity of several features of the print pattern. This is a
fingerprint sensor module with TTL UART interface. The user
can store the finger print data in the module and can configure
it in 1:1 or 1: N mode for identifying the someone. We will e
using fingerprint sensors to validate user at the first door
Fig 1. First Phase
The person willing to enter the vault has to first scan his
fingerprint. If the fingerprint matches he/she gets access to
second door. If the fingerprint not matches, then buzzer will
At the second door face detection technique is used as a
security feature. Face recognition module detects the user face
and if he/she is authorized person the system will send OTP to
the user’s phone.
D. Keypad
A keypad is a miniature keyboard or set of buttons for
operating a portable electronic device. Keypad will be used to
open the second door using the OTP which user receives.
E. LCD Display
LCD display, display 16X2 characters. LCD is used to
display numbers which is enter by person.
F. DC Motor
This direct current motors series, whose power range goes
from 45Watt to 1500 Watt. Using L293D and L298 are dual Hbridge motor driver ICs. We can control the rotation of two
motors in both clockwise and anticlockwise direction. DC
motors are used to physically drive the application as per the
requirement of system. The dc motor works on 12V.We will be
using these motors to open and close the doors.
Fig. 1. and Fig. 2. Shows the flow chart of the security system
operation. The two independent authentication methods would
be implemented which are fingerprint biometric and keypad
Figure 2. Second Phase
The authorized user then enters the OTP and the system grants
the access to use the vault. If the unauthorized person somehow
manages to crack the first stage that is fingerprint scanner
he/she gets access for second door. Here, the unauthorized
person is not aware of the OTP system so he/she enters a pin on
the keypad which he misunderstands as the normal ATM
keypad pin system.If the password entered is wrong then a
buzzer will ring and 1st door will be locked and the
unauthorized person is hereby prevented to access the vault.
The 3 tier Bank security system along with some modifications
can also be used to provide security for home atomicity. The
existing system can also be updated in such a way that
whenever the alarm buzzes while the unauthorized person
attempts to access the vault, the nearby police station is called
automatically. In existing system, we have used the face
recognition only on 2nd door instead in future with updation, we
can use it for individual locker as well. Instead of Image
processing on 2nd door it can be replaced with voice recognition
to grant the access this will reduce the storage as it will
eliminate storing algorithms use to recognize face. The same
concept can be implemented for Military base where strict
security is a key.
The 3-Tier Bank Security System is secure, automated, remote
monitoring for Bank Vault. The approached system has attained
the target to secure Vault room using mixer of both Biometric
sensor and Image Processing. Hence it can be concluded that
the proposed system has achieved required goals and
objectives. In a near future, the number of security levels can be
increased by using different sensors and other security
equipment. This proposed system can be used in higher
restricted areas example: In Military areas for provided strict
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