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easter greetings

Dearest Benefactors,
Halleluiah! Christ has risen!
Easter is the moment where all Christians around the world celebrate the death and
resurrection of Jesus Christ. It signifies a continued acceptance moment for all Christians and
demonstrates renewed hope and assurance for the redemption of all souls. It reminds us about
God’s never ending love for us. Easter season is the time to spread the joy and happiness that
Christ has brought about into our lives. With that, from the bottom of our hearts, we would like
to greet you a HAPPY EASTER!
In line with this, we would like to express our deepest gratitude through this letter for
your generosity that you have given us. We are so blessed that you have chosen us to be the
beneficiaries of your assistance, time and effort. We are so thankful that you are always ready to
extend your helping hand to us. You are a gift and a grace to all of us. Today, our world is
changing and the things we see are sometimes deceptive that is why our world is badly in need of
people like you who are always prepared to help no matter what the situation would be. We
thank you for your love to our community, thank you for allotting your life to us. Lastly, we thank
you for prominently inspiring each and every one of us to practice love God through our neighbor.
In this season of Easter, we hope that you will not be tired of supporting our community.
Giving this Easter card is one of our most heartfelt way of sending your Easter greetings and
wishes to your family and love ones. Sending Easter wishes greetings gives us the opportunity, not
just to rekindle our bond with God and our family, but also spread the inspiration that the spirit of
Easter gives us.
We hope that you will continue to pray for us and rest assured that our intentions will
always be included in our prayers. May God continue to bless you, your family and your friends as
well. Celebrate this Easter with a heart filled with joy and peace.
Have a blessed Easter! Again thank you and may you be filled with love, happiness and
kindness this Easter season.
Sincerely yours,
The whole SABV community
Fr. Vincent Dumdum, RCJ