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Greek Warfare Project

Ancient Greek Warfare Project
For this project, you and 3 of your classmates (groups of 4) will create a product that showcases
your research of Greek warfare. You may choose to create a:
Brochure - (presented to class)
Advertisement - (presented to class, may include supplementary information)
Video - (presented to class)
Song - (presented to class)
Model/ diorama – (must include supplementary information)
Presentation or prezi – (presented to class)
You may pick one of the following topics:
1. A Day in the Life- What was life like for the average Greek Hoplite (clothes, family,
home, food, work, training)? Was this different for rich/poor soldiers? How did it vary by
city-state? What special units existed?
2. Weapons and armor –What different unit types existed? What materials were used in the
armor and weapons? Why? How did these soldiers fight? What formations were used?
3. Greek Navy- When and where was the first navy from? How did Greek ships evolve over
time? What were the main characteristics of Greek ships (weapons, crew, material)?
Were some city-states greater naval powers than others? Why?
4. Religion- How did Greeks feel about war/ warriors? Was killing wrong or justified?
Were Greek heroes violent? What effect did Greek mythology have on war?
5. Leaders- Who were the great Greek military leaders? What made them great (strategies,
reforms, laws, wealth?) How did the lead? For this option, choose 3-4 leaders to focus on.
6. Siege Warfare- How did Greeks attack and defend their cities? What major siege battles
occurred? What weapons and defenses did Greeks use? Why were these methods used?
7. Most Important Battles- Pick 3 of the most important battles in Greek history. What made
these battles important? Why did the battle occur? Who was on each side? How did the
battle go?
8. Legacy- What happened to the Greek hoplites and city-states? When and how were they
defeated? Who took their place? What tactics, methods, weapons, or names still survive?
How are Greeks portrayed in modern pop culture? What films or books show them, and
how accurate is this depiction?
Your project must:
Be approved by Mr. Wyrzykowski at the planning/ outline stage for a formative grade
Answer your topic questions to the best of your ability
Use color and pictures (if applicable)
Cite 3-5 sources of information