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I started watching Adventure time around the age of 7. As a kid I didn’t really play video games and
pretty much only watched movies and cartoons, so when I first heard about a new show airing on
Cartoon Network, I was pretty hyped. I remember myself sitting in front of the TV and watching the
series premiere and being completely blown away. The characters, overall vibe, and art direction made
me fall in love with the show. The plot while dumb at first made me feel warm inside and overall the
first episode was fun and heartwarming. After that I continued watching the show and I gradually
started growing an addiction to the show. I watched it religiously every day for years and constantly
loved the new episodes. But my love for the show exploded when the episodes “Mortal Folly” and
“Mortal Recoil” were aired. These 2 episodes were absolutely incredible and changed the show forever.
The dark tone and mature themes and overall stakes were something almost never seen in kid shows
around the 2010s. The introduction of the lich and an actual antagonist was such a drastic change that
made the already amazing show 10x better. After that episode the show finally got serious. Although the
show continued to be fun, its plot and lore kept expanding and I soon was completely invested in the
lives of these fictional characters. I loved Ice King and Marceline’s complex relationship, I loved Finns
insecurity with his age and maturity, I adored episodes like “Finn The Human”, and “Jake The Dog” and I
fucking LOVED Finns grass arm and how that single edition completely effected Finns character up to the
very end. But all that love and complete addiction for the show changed when I turned 10 or so.
During this time I