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Variation- Al Masharee

Project No:
License Number
Project Duration
2.2 MIGPD RO Plant Open & Closed Shed (G) + Office (G)
Alpha Utilities FZE, AL Hamriyah, Sharjah
8 months
Proponent Information
Company Name: Al Masharee, Est. LLC
Company Address: 1408, Al Maya Supermarket Building - Al Zahra'a St - Sharjah
Contact Person: Mohzin Hashim
Contact Phone/Email: +971569908487
SECTION 2: General Information
Indicate if approval is being sought to modify / vary temporary or permanent works.
The approval is sought to make variations and modifications that was advised and provided by Enmaa
Engineering Consultants.
Describe the area of the proposed modification / variation.
The proposed modification area is between the Grids A-B and 6-15. The modification was made to the
design of the DMF Foundation, Additional Two Footings and Trench Walls with wall footing were also
advised by Enmaa Engineering Consultants.
Provide a description of the proposed modification / variation.
Modification- DMF Foundation
According to Enmaa’s revised drawing,
1) The dimension of the DMF Foundations were changed from 300mmx300mm to 320mmx300mm
and thus adding 4.32 m3 of reinforcement concrete, 1.08m3 of PCC and 2.7m3 of Roadbase for 18
DMF Foundations.
2) Instead of 2 layers of Roadbase (48.96m3), the Pedestal projection was increased from 50cm to
100cm and thus adding 3.24m3 of Reinforcement Concrete.
Variation- Trench Wall
According to Enmaa’s revised drawing,
1) Trench Walls (with Coping Beam and Wall Footing) were added in the DMF Foundation area for the
pipes between the two layers of DMF’s (9+9). This variation will be adding 11.504m3 of
Reinforcement concrete (Coping Beam- 4.496m3 and Wall Footing- 7.008m3), 79.56m2 of Block
Work and 4.672m3 of PCC.
Variation- Aditional Footings and Columns
According to Enmaa’s revised drawing,
SECTION 2: General Information
1) Two additional F3 Footings with C2* Column were added between Grid A-B and 14-15. This
variation will be adding 1.486 m3 of Reinforcement Concrete (Footings- 1.456m3 and Column0.03m3), 0.476m3 of PCC and 1.35 m3 of Road Base.
Variation- Tie Beam in the Back
According to Enmaa’s revised drawing,
1) Additional Tie Beams (TB1) were added in the revised drawing between Grid A-B and 14-15. This
variation will be adding 1.10 m3 of Reinforcement Concrete.
Provide the reason for requesting the proposed modification / variation.
Enmaa Engineering Consultants revised the drawing based on design load calculations and client’s
Describe the impact of the proposed modification / variation not being implemented.
All these modifications and variations is been advised by Enmaa to accommodate the 8 Pipes (as per
the records) that run between the DMF’s.
According to the Consultant,
1) The trench wall will isolate the trench from the backfilling in the DMF Foundation Area.
2) The reduction in two layers of road base (50cm) and taking the level down by 50 cm will reduce the
load on the trench wall from the DMF Foundation and increasing the Pedestal Height to 100 cm from
50 cm will ensure the top level of the DMF Foundation remains the same at +1.50m.
3) Two additional footings were provided to support the Trench Walls and for the newly proposed Tie
Beam in the back.
I certify that all details supplied in this Variation Form are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and that
this variation is being sought with the full knowledge and agreement of the organisation management.
I understand that once approved this variation request will form part of the funding agreement.
Name: Jestine Thomas
Position: Deputy General Manager
Date: 06/03/2019
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